The Joy of Wikipedia

So I’m sitting and my ear starts to itch. Upon giving it a good pick, I find some ear wax. I become curious as to weather ear wax is in fact a wax and decide to do a check on wikipedia.

  1. No, ear wax is not real wax, its a mixture of sweat and very thick oils
  2. SC Johnson is listed, since they are a major wax producer
  3. SC Johnson lists Ziploc and other brands that they bought from Dow Chemical
  4. Dow Chemical was founded in Midland to take advantage of brine reserves, and originally produced chlorides and bromides
  5. After entering the polymer market, they were approached by Corning Glass for a joint venture to produce silicones
  6. Corning Glass invented fiber-optic cable as we know it
  7. Dow and Corning’s joint venture is named Dow Corning
  8. Dow Corning is the current owner of the Silly Putty patent, though it is distributed by Binney & Smith, it is named SILly putty because it is SILIcone based, it is also available as “Dow Corning 3179 Dilatant Compound”
  9. Dow Corning creates a way to produce polycrystaline silicon, spins process off in seperate devision, Hemlock Semiconductor
  10. Portion of Hemlock Semiconductor bought by Mitsubishi Materials Corp.

All that from an ear itch?
Fun fun.

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