General Updates

We sold the Grand Prix. It was kind of sad, cause it was a good car, and has actually be running pretty well, but we didn’t use it, and had no reason to keep it. Besides, after just trying to sell a car, you become ready to burn it if needed, just to get rid of the hassle. Anyway though, it turns out we sold it to a granddaughter of a friend of my grandmother’s.

I switched to the new poll. As I think I said, i gave up on making my own, but will modify the hell out of this one. Eventually, I may switch to a different one again, but this one seems to do what I want. For now anyway.

I registered for classes for winter. My schedule shall be as follows:

Monday: CAD-226 5-8
Tuesday: EET-235 2-4, SPH-112 4-6
Wednesday: QA-244 5-8
Thursday: EET-235 2-4, MS-114 4-10

Yes, thats 2-10PM on Thursdays, I am a little afraid, but think I will survive. And for those of you who don’t have Delta’s class codes memorized, those classes will be:

CAD-226: Parametric Modeling – A 3D CAD class
EET-235: Electronic Circuits – amounts to a 15 week review to my 2 years at Skill Center
MS-114: Machine Tool – how to use mills, saws, grinders, etc…
QA-244: Statistical Process Control – Quality control and assurance, I’m really not totally clear on what all
SPH-112: Fundamentals of Oral Communication – How to talk and write to people and not look stupid (more people should take this I think)

OK, I think that’s it though.


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