It Was My Birthday

So my Birthday has come and gone, and was overall a good one. Jenn got me a practice chanter, so I can begin learning to bagpipe. I also got some money that is always useful. Good gifts. Jenn took me to Genji on Thursday night for dinner. I had filet and scallops and a tuna roll and a piece of octopus sushi. It was all very good. I love their soup. We got 1/2 off my meal (not counting sushi) because it was my birthday, and I got a little cake. As I said, very good.

SciFi is having a Bruce Campbell marathon. His new movie Man with the Screaming Brain is on in a few minutes.

Apple no longer lists the iPod mini on their store, and it’s not in the “sale” section yet either. I suspect it will show up their soon though, if anyone is looking for a deal.

I guess that’s it. bye.

Ooh, look what WP lets me do — 🙂

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