Because Mini Was Too Big

Apparently, “Mini” is too big for Apple, as today the iPod mini was discontinued in favor of the new iPod nano. Along with being smaller, it also sports a color display so you can view pictures and such, as well as swapping out the mini’s 4 or 6GB HDs for 2 or 4GB flash ROMs. It keeps the old price though of $149 and $249 respectively, or $129 and $179 for students (like me). Also (it was a big day for Apple) they released a new version of iTunes to support the new iPod and the new Motorola ROKR (rocker) cellphone, which supports iTunes songs. I am not totally sure on all it’s specs, but know it only works with Cingular in the US.

School is going well still. I had a Pre-Calc quiz today that went well. I have some homework for Man. Tech to work on when I am done here.

RadioShack interview went, well, whatever. The whole commission based thing I wasn’t real happy with, so just winged the interview and didn’t care much either way. We will see, whatever happens happens.

Not much else.

Haven’t worked on entry conversions, because of homework and such.

My Birthday is tomorrow. Woohoo to 23!

I guess that’s it.

Will let you know how birthday went on Saturday.

What was that?
A flaming burp.
Does it always do that?
It’s not always a burp.

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