Lets see…

I bought the full 5 novel edition of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy later Friday night. I technically have 2 issues of number 1 now, so if you want the one, let me know. I am maybe half through book 2, since I have been doing other things. It is an AWESOME read though, especially if you like sci-fi (Jenn doesn’t, bastard).

My brain is wandering alot right now. Makes it very hard to type.

This weather is freaking bullshit. It was 80 just a few days ago, then 3 days of snow. Only in Michigan.

You should all be jumping up and down and not sleeping, because next Sunday Family Guy returns to Fox with brand new episodes. Seriously, this is freaking awesome.

I think I am going to post the new template anyway, even though I am mad at it, maybe time after next. My problem is a total lack of creativity.

OOH! I have very sad, sad news. You may all know that Omer is “the smallest City in Michigan”. Well, you are all wrong then. They were displaced some time ago by a smaller city, named Lake Angelus.

OK, I guess thats all till Thursday.


I refuse to be somebody’s puppet, especially not my own!

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