Cat Envy

Tiger is officially available tomorrow, and I will not have it. No, even at $69 with my student discount I can’t justify buying it, especially since if I ever get a job I plan to buy a new computer that would come with it within the next 6 – 12 months. Ah well.

I threw out the old template. I decided I didn’t like it. I don’t know why, just didn’t.

I am now on book 4 of HHGG. Movie opens tomorrow. I doubt I will be done with all 5 before I see the movie, just don’t have the will to do much right now for whatever reason. (On a side note I just butchered the word “what”, but you can’t tell cause I fixed it. Was going along the lines of “wahahet”.)

I downloaded my 21 free iTunes songs yesterday. I decided I should get them downloaded before I forget about them and loose the freebies. I will still gladly accept codes though.

The chair I am sitting on is dieing (It says that isn’t the correct spelling, but I don’t think dyeing it right either, hmmm…). I had 2 chairs like it, but one died, then the other, so now I am on a frankenstein of what’s left.

The poll seems to have gone over well. Sarah informs me I forgot root beer. Really though, of all the Faygos, why root beer? Why cola for that matter? More to the point though, I happen to know for a fact I have AT LEAST 1 double and 1 triple voter. I don’t mind though, cause it makes it look like I have 11 readers, rather than the 3 – 5 that I actually have.

I did a check on Amazon today and found that the Canon MiniDV camera I wanted is no longer available, has received a price jump, and I presume is discontinued. Oh well, I knew it was happening anyway, new models came out in January and thats why it was so cheap in the first place. I can’t afford it anyway.

All right, that’s all for now.
See you all again on Sunday.


The trick to flying is to jump, and miss the ground.

2 thoughts on “Cat Envy

  1. Sarah says:

    why root beer? well, simple, it is the best root beer EVER… even better than A&W. the classics are still good, because cream soda is so close to being my favourite as well… maybe moon mist too. But root beer definitely ROCKS!

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