I'm Valid!

Yes, I am now valid, but I am also very tired, so this will be short, and the poll will not be till Saturday.

I went through all the code in my iBlog and have made it fully XHTML and CSS valid, hence the cool new badges in the sidebar. Also, I added a dotMac.info badge, so you can all go rate my blog. I have a 9.x right now, very cool.

I received full validation Monday, and have spent most of since then working on a new template and style sheet. The test blog is looking good, in my opinion. It is posted online, but is not linked to from anywhere, so you need to be really good to find it. If you can, you are one crafty surfer. Until I post the style on here though, I’m not letting anyone see it. I will give a hint though, think of my favorite word…

I spoke to John yesterday, and the tree is still standing. He says the picture I have is 2 years old, and the tree was originally set up 4 years ago. Wow, how very sad, and yet very cool.

I will be leaving Saturday night for Jenn’s parents for Easter, so expect blog/poll earlier in the day.


Alton Brown, speaking of wasabi…

Too much of this stuff will make you cry more than the last 5 minutes of the Terminator…
What? I cried.

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