Entry #00241.00

The work on the blog is progressing. I have a lot of cool ideas and it should all be coming together soon. The website will also be returning, with a pictures section and more.

I received, a few weeks ago, an invite to a certain e-mail service provided my a certain search page. The invites were once hard to come by, but have become fairly easy to get. If you would like an invite to said e-mail, which starts with a “g” and ends with “mail”, I have 50 invites, and would be happy to provide. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, IM me. I will NOT post the actual name of the service, in fear of being attacked by search engines.

In related news, Yahoo! Mail will be raising it’s storage limit to 1GB soon. I currently use 0% of my 250MB, so am not as excited as some.

About a week or so ago I spoke with Suchyta. I thought I saw him on the blog, as it was a visitor from the Pacific time zone with no referrer, so I emailed him. A few days later I see another non-referred pacific time zone visitor, and this one searched for “Stacey Person”. OK, THAT was Suchyta. So I signed on Jenn’s MSN account and found him. SO anyway, I got to talk to Suchyta, which is quite an accomplishment.

OK, think thats all. Leaving in an hour or 2 for Alpena, will be back tomorrow evening. Have fun all, and Happy Easter.

Til Tuesday,


If the minimum isn’t acceptable, it shouldn’t be called the minimum.

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