Lets start with a year ago today (October 24, 2003). I received Panther, reformated my HD and installed, then Suchyta and I went down to the Apple Store in Troy for the official release. It was also my first time to a Steak and Shake, which as I remember it was pretty good.

Now lets go way back, to 6th grade. When I was incapable of using a computer. Yes, it used to be so. I had used an Apple II at MacGregor, but that was a far cry from the Mac LC475s at Handy. I was of low enough skill to be unaware of wordwrap and the return key, hence using the space bar to create every new line. Yeah, that worked out well.

OK, so what else…

I have applied at 7-11 and RadioShack. I am leaning toward RS, except the commission part. I am anti-people, so having a pay system that is based on the requirement of talking to as many people as possible could be a bad thing. Maybe it will be good for me though. Interview is at 6 on Wednesday.

Looking around on eBay, I found one of these in the $150 area. The significance is that about 2 years ago, I bought one on eBay for $55. With what the store wants, thats nearly 4x in 2 years, even the auctions is 3x. I am excited, and tempted, but know I must hold on.

OK, thats all I suppose. See you around.


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