This is general number 123. Sad, considering the next highest category is Blogger at 34, then Special at 18.

Job interview was tonight at the Radio Shack in the Fashion Square Mall. No clue how I did. Was supposed to be an application and an interview, but I was never interviewed. Perhaps they thought I was another applicant and let me go early, perhaps the Bay City store needs to interview me, or perhaps they just plain don’t want me.

My last CD from Columbia House came in, so next month I will be canceling my membership. Woohoo.

Sixty one days until Christmas, and 2 until Scott’s Birthday.

I made beef and bean enchiladas last night. I put a bit too much spice in the meat though, it seems 2 lbs beef + 3 jalapenos + 2 habeneros = too much. They were good though. Also, Jenn made crab rangoon. It was odd to have mexican and chinese at once, but it worked out because hers were done about an hour earlier than mine, so was a nice appetizer/snack.

Saw Suchyta today, first time in a few months. He is moving to Nevada next week I guess.

I passed 2000 points on Folding@Home today, woohoo!

I received an email from a “fan” named Sydney. I replied nicely, but to be honest have no idea who you are. Thanks for the compliments though.

I guess thats it.

Till Saturday,

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