Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday ibook, you’re one year old. No more warranty, but that’s fine. Could have bought Apple Care and had another 2 years, but the vast majority of problems occur within first couple months, and chances decrease from there. Wow, a freaking year.

I finally put all the quotes I have used up on website, up to last post. I will try to update the list every couple posts. You can see them all here.

The car is pissing me off. Replaced a part due to problems, and problem still exists. And, because I had to disconnect the battery to reset computer for new part, the radio is now locked (don’t ask, Pontiac is a bunch of evilheads).

School is almost over, and I am happy as hell. I don’t know why I go back, I should know better by now. How many years of school does it take to drive a person away? In my case, apparently over 15. God, I can almost retire from school. Five more years?

I made stew for dinner, it was, uhm, yeah.

Ok, I am leaving it here tonight. I will be trying something a bit different next time.

Till then,


Why are you talking so fast?
Why are you listening so fast?

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