Hey all, and welcome back.

More movies, rented Shrek, because it was good, and Bulletproof Monk. T3 was disappointing, expected more, but still good. Charlie’s Angels was good too. Will watch both new rentals tonight.

No poo.com, but pootech.com is open. Could use a slogan like “PooTech, when LowTech is just too damn expensive”. Probably not though. Anyone who knows me well, know I would get hoojibob.com. Besides, who else would take it? Regardless, I need a server to have a website, which I don’t right now. Eventually.

I was in Object Oriented C++ today taking the test. Took me around 90 minutes of the 2 hours allowed. I turned in the test and went back to get my stuff, when the teacher
“Nick, you know this is C++, right?”
“And you know you wrote your test is Java, right?”
So I spent the next 30 minutes converting Java to C++. It wasn’t all Java, but more than should be. namely the class declarations and such. Will know next Tuesday how I did.

I am watching “the Tracy Morgan show”, he’s so funny.

Nick fixed my cable yesterday, for the first time since we moved I can watch SciFi Channel on my TV. Connectors on coax from wall to TV were loose, so was getting a bad signal. He crimped some ends on and it’s all good now.

Well, thats all for now.

Next post will bring iblog posts even with the blogger posts. Should check time difference before next time.

Ok, bye for now.


“Quotes are the signatures of the unoriginal.”
Yeah, screw you.

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