Well, Im sitting here waiting for my uncle and his family to come in. I had to clean my room today in preparation for their visit (aka unpack, finally) and found a bunch of stuff for the website, so hopefully I can get that up soon.

MacWorld has come and gone with little hoopla. This was likely the least exciting MacWorld since I started following them. We could have at least gotten the new monitors or keyboards/mice for the G5s, might have boosted sales. We did get the new G5 commercial though, which is on CNN and CNBC every 15 minutes, or on apples website if you prefer.

Still using KungLog, though I’m not completely sure why. Funny note, the spell checker thinks KungLog is spelled wrong, hah. Anyway though, maybe I will start using all these special features, maybe I will go back to just the web form, I don’t know yet.

I need to make it to BestBuy tomorrow, while the Linksys Wireless AP/4 port Router is still $59.99. Even if I get it though, its only as good as our current router till I get the AirPort card for my laptop. I’ll let you know next post.

Ok, they should be here soon, will try for a second update later tonight. If not, see you all on Monday!


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