DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just sat here writing for 20 minutes, and POOF!

Its gone!!

Here’s the just of it, because I’m lazy:

1) Why am I still Up?

2) Got a wifi AP, if you want to try it let me know, as I have no 802.11b card to try it with. Try wifimaps.com, 5 on west side, 1 on east side.

3) Uncle leaves in about an hour, leaving kids for 2 weeks. Hope Danielle comes with him to pick boys up, would like to see her. They want me to go with in 2 weeks, I dont want to, variety of reasons.

4) Apple edu discounts, BIG price drops.


And thats about where it all disappeared, page reloaded and form was blank. Yeah, that was in there too, am on blogger form because I was too lazy to open KungLog. That will show me, huh.

Ok, thats all. I don’t feel bad about leaving a small post, because this is just a boredom update. Do feel bad about losing the post, as it was pretty good. See you Monday night.


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