Happy New Year

So, first post of the new year is about…

stuff I forgot to post last year.

In the past couple weeks, with TV utterly shit-tacular, we have been renting more movies. Spiderman 3, Superman Returns, SuperBad, and Balls of Fury just to name a few. They were all pretty good. Superbad actually surprised me, I thought it was going to be incredibly stupid but managed to be pretty good.

Since Jenn bought me the Lego set for Christmas, I have been kind of obsessed with them. I found a few good sites online including BrickSet that list pretty much every set since the 60’s and PICSL that has original instructions for most all sets. With that information, I picked up all my old Lego sets from home and am trying to reassemble as many as I can find the parts for. I will try and post pictures of them all when I get a few done.

Of course, a New Years post wouldn’t be complete without resolutions. I survived to move, didn’t freak out too much, and am doing rather well at Ferris, so last year’s are good. I didn’t bike much though.

For 2008, I want to try and get in contact with a few more people that I used to talk to but haven’t in years. Facebook is helping alot with that already. I still want to bike more, but we will see. It won’t be too hard to do more than this year though. I want to blog more regularly too. I’m not saying back to every 3rd day, but more than once a week. Maybe will think of more for next post.

And finally, I am considering a new theme. Depends how much time I have in the next two weeks. I am just getting sick of these, and I am technically plagiarizing the pics I use at the top of the page. Besides, it’s me, I am amazed I made it over a year with this set.

You may have noted that there are ads again on the right. I decided anything is something, and if the site can actually pay for itself I should at least try. I only need to make like 2 or 3¢ a day after all.

OK, that’s all for today.


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