I slipped again huh. I hate doing it, but it’s hard to blog real often, though I did do stuff to blog about.

Last Sunday, Jenn and I went to a dodgeball game at Delta. An actual, inter-college dodgeball game, against MSU even. There are rather few teams still, as MSU and Delta, along with an Ohio university were cofounders in 2005, but there are championships and everything now. Anyway, it was really different than what is played in the movie, and Delta creamed MSU.

School is still going, nothing real eventful. I talked to me counselor and applied for graduation and all that seems set.

I did my taxes and will be getting a huge $34 rebate from fed, and owe $2 to state. Oh wow. Did FAFSA too.

Jenn and I went to the newish mexican restaurant on Friday, that opened in July-ish on Saginaw, across form the planetarium. We were waiting to go to their lunch buffet, but were never making it so decided to just go for dinner. Well, we must have waited too long because they looked quite closed, and the “For Sale” sign on the door really hammered that point home. So, we went to the one on Broadway instead. I had been in there once before, but that was 10+ years ago when Rudy J’s had just opened there, not as the mexican restaurant. Anyway, it wasn’t bad, but not real great either. The meat was unseasoned, which may me authentic for all I know, but it isn’t what my “Old El Paso” accustomed taste buds were looking for. You simmer your meat with either taco seasoning or salsa, or it can’t go in a taco, its the american law of taco meat, I’m sure it is on record somewhere. Anyway, I would be willing to go back, but only if somebody else was buying.

I receive my Financial Aid refund Tuesday, which Chase will be happy about, and will ease the jobless situation, but I still should find something. It sucks having $0 income. Especially when your car acts up and decides it refuses to idle.

The weather is outright cold right now, huh? Calling for wind chills around -15 tonight, -20 tomorrow, and – 30 tomorrow night. I guess camping is a no.

I think thats about it. I should go work on homework or something.

Try and stay warm, and enjoy the game.


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