Over the Summer

Way back, on April 9th, I wrote out the following goals for the summer:

Clean my room (lets just say the blog isn’t the only thing I’ve been slacking on)
Ride bike to Rose City (to camp at RRRA) in prep for…
Ride bike to Mackinaw (yes, seriously, like 180 miles)
Get some reading in
Catch a fish
Visit Ferris

Over the summer, that was modified to add in riding my bike to Ferris, building a hammock, and building a canoe/kayak. Then, it was further modified to remove the canoe/kayak and the hammock. As well, all the bike trips were constantly delayed.

Well, summer is over, and it is time for a recap on everything. I never did clean my room fully. I did clean it a few times, just not to the point of actually being clean. I never rode my bike further than the 18 miles to and from State Park, and have not ridden it since July 3rd on the way back from the fireworks to be totally honest.

I did get in plenty of reading, fiction and non, including a few things that I had wanted to read for quite a while. I still have a few things left on my wishlist but everything from the Bay County Libraries that I wanted, i found and read. I did not go fishing all summer, and have not even bought a license. I may though go salmon fishing with my dad in the coming weeks, we will see. And finally, I did visit Ferris with Jenn, though I was advised to revisit in the Fall when classes are in session and there are more to see, so I will need to set that up at some point.

So, overall, I did pretty well with the exception of biking, that’s what I am telling myself anyway. I may have set goals too high, or not tried enough, who knows. Next summer I will be living near Big Rapids and have the While Pine trail nearby, so maybe I can get some riding on that.

Alright, thats all I wanted to say for now.


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