Oh, What a Weekend

So, the tooth hasn’t been all that bad. It didn’t bother me at all until Saturday night, probably because I started actually doing stuff. Every now and then I will get a pretty nasty pain across most of the right side of my head, but it really hasn’t been that bad.

About an hour and a half after my last post on Friday, I was called by my dad and informed my Grandpa had passed away. He had been sick for over a year now, and pretty close to the end for several months. Even this spring there were a few times that I was told not to expect him too much longer. He had been suffering for some time, and we all knew he was on his way out, which makes it somewhat easier of a situation than what happened with my grandma.

Saturday, Jenn and I went to Troy to get her a new computer. Around Flint we were going 35 – 40 on I-75 because the rain was so hard. We made it there, made our purchase, got some White Castle, and returned. Open up the box, boot up computer, and the LCD has 4 lines of lazy pixels. Sunday, Jenn called Apple and would up driving back to Troy again to get a new computer. For now on, we will be sure to test equipment before driving 90 minutes home.

So, with all that this weekend, I am not feeling real great. River of Time was nice Saturday though. It is like year 10 or something though and it is beginning to get kind of boring.

Grandfather is at Ambrose Funeral Home today, with funeral tomorrow. When I get out of work I am going to get a hair cut then stop by there followed by school. Tomorrow, I am taking off work for the funeral then will go to school.

Since that will be 2 days off this pay period (Friday with tooth, and Wednesday), I will be at work for an e-mail class Thursday morning.

I think that is about it for right now.


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