The End

For the second time in 2 years, I present my final blog of a particular address. Two years ago it was the final at blogger (which is actually still up) (and oddly, I was sick then too), and now I present my final blog with iblog on .Mac. This blog will not stay up, and will disappear on October 1st, 2005.

So, I am almost better, just a stuffed up nose mostly. My mom now has whatever I had though, so it is most definitely not an allergy.

I returned to school today after 486 days off. It sucked, but wasn’t that bad. They still only had the 1 book, that I don’t need until tomorrow anyway, so I didn’t get that. Went to CAD, and that seems like it will go fine. Pre-Calc was odd, because I have gone up through Calc 2, so should be easy as everything goes by, but since I haven’t had a math class in 2 and a half years, I needless to say am having trouble remembering some “should be easy” stuff. So after that, I went back to the bookstore and wow! They now had a second book! The line was long as hell though, so I walked out anyway. Maybe tomorrow.

So, I came home and took a nap cause I only slept like 4 or 5 hours last night, and made some steaks for dinner (which were awesome).

They just showed the Jeopardy that was the first with Ken Jennings. Yeah, he kicked some ass, huh?

What else…

You see that new Triple Whopper? Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen.

I guess that’s it. Wish it were a little more interesting, for being the last here, but then again it will just continue in 3 days anyway.

OK, so long, and see you Thursday at the new blog. I may or may not have all these posts up there by then, we will see.


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