Number 292, Part Deux?

OK, so this is post 292, after deleting 6, 2 from “info” and 4 from stories. Then you add in the upcoming posts that will be on the 20th, 23rd, 26th, and 29th and were at 296. Then, the 2 I already have in the new blog, plus another in the next few days is 299. So, my first real post in new blog, on Sept 1st, will be 300th.

Also upcoming is my birthday. September 8th, 3 weeks away. Fun fun.

We went to Hahn’s today to do a little work for a party their having.

Jenn and I went to state park yesterday. Was cool, but icky. We saw 3 deer, and a black squirrel, and a bunch of bluegill. Also, we walked on the beach, which was the icky part. The beach has about 10 ft of water access, the rest is a muck made up of zebra mussel shells and dead weeds mixed with some sand. The result is 12 inched or squshy spongy stuff that crunched when you step on it. Very odd feeling.

Afterward we went to Turkey Roost, but they were closed, so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Not bad, I wouldn’t get wings though cause their naked, and I don’t like naked wings. Boneless wings were good though (I think were thighs, maybe not, maybe just less-desirable portion of breast).


So I have more up on site, going to go do a bit of updating now.

See you Saturday.


What I need is a nice disease that causes money to chronically fall out of my ass.

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