Backyard Blues

Well, my Uncle is back, arrived this morning, and he isn’t happy. The back entrance has not gone as well as it should, so today we tore off the week old roof and are fixing all the problems we have had. Scott, Todd G, Tim, My Uncle, and I were all on it, then my Dad came and we got ready to do fencing tomorrow. Oh, it will be fun.

For whatever reason, over the past few weeks one of my pages has become WAY too popular. It is titled “I am Bored”, and has moved up to #4 on a Yahoo search for that phrase, out of over 37,500,000 pages. The strangest thing is, it’s a post from January 2004, but wasn’t popular at all till about a month ago. I am considering changing the name, but maybe not.

I reformatted and reinstalled OS X Thursday night. It had bugs in it from some things I had been doing, so I felt it needed it. I was backing up everything to CDs anyway, so I had most of the hard part done (I backup less often than I should, but more than I used to, before my 7600 died).

Check out this Wikipedia article on .coms, including the list of 75 oldest still operating ones. I really like Wikipedia, you should browse around.

So, after contemplation, I have come up with September 1st as a likely moving date, for 3 reasons:

1) It is over 3 weeks away, plenty of time to work stuff out, and let everyone know.

2) It means 300th entry goes in new blog, presuming my normal schedule and 1 new poll before then.

3) You may remember my last move, 2 years ago Sept 3rd, hence repeating the saga of moving at the onset of September (hopefully I not moving again in 2 more years).

Also, yes, I have decided, and the new site is already on it’s way. Link will be in next post.


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