Yeah, It's Definitely Summer

Saturday night Jenn and I went to the Foreigner concert at Vets Park. There were something like 10,000 people there. We had to wait in line for 30 minutes to get in the gate, and were in about 7:05, with the concert starting at 7. There were 2 opening bands, with the main act finally beginning around 9:30. By 10:30, after hearing “Jukebox Hero” (my main reason for coming, too bad all the songs were over-amplified) we left to beat the other 9,998 people out.

I saw Lupé there. Poor stupid mexican, enlisted in the Army and broke his shoulder a week before graduating boot camp, got kicked out. His dad was offering me jobs, but I didn’t take.

Speaking of jobs, I applied for a really cool one, but it was pulled from the site a few hours later. No word from them about why.

Last night Jenn and I went to Old Great Wall Buffet. They have rear parking now, in case the front fills up, which it does. They had boiled eggs, and Jenn had one, I said you should get some more, and mix the yolks with some tarter sauce and hot mustard, she did, and said they were pretty good deviled eggs. Of course, everything at OGW is always good.

It is currently 80 degrees, with a heat index of 84 AT ALMOST MIDNIGHT! This is getting pretty shitty. The humidity being so high certainly doesn’t help. It makes you feel like your 10 lbs. heavier and gravity is pissed off at you or something.

I am at 4931 visitors, only 69 to go for my 5000. Thats one hell of a marker, I must say. Just think, about 2 more years I will be getting to 10,000. Wow.

OK, that’s it I guess. See you on Thursday, and stay cool.


Just remember, heat makes peppers produce more oils, and oils make peppers hot, so come late summer, we can all have awesome homemade salsa. That’s really all the consolation I can give for the heat.

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