Well, I am disappointed. There is no reason for Prop 2 to have passed. I see no reason that homosexuals shouldn’t be able to marry, but seeing as how Bush was reelected there will probably be a national ban soon anyway.

I edited the pictures, so they are better quality, but lower resolution and file size.

I’m not sure what else.

Jenn and I rented Mr. Deeds, AutoModelista, and Paycheck. AM is ok, but GranTurismo is the god of PlayStation racing games. Paycheck was pretty good. Mr. Deeds will be later.

Oh well, at least the political ads are over. I heard on a discussion board today that Nov. 3rd should be a holiday, “End of Political Ads for a While” day, or EPAW day.

Ok, bye til Friday.


Man swallows seven-inch toothbrush while brushing. Doctors rush to remove it before Oral B becomes Anal B.

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