:) From Jenn

I’m bored cause Nick is watching CSI and I didn’t pay attention to the first half, so I am blogging for him. He got one of his ebay payments today, so that was exciting, but then the one item didn’t sell again, so that was sucky.

John kerry kept saying, “I HAVE A PLAN, I HAVE A PLAN!” but never actually said what the plan was. Well, Nick found the “plan” on his website but it was really vague. Only two weeks and one day till the election, do you know who you are voting for? I can’t vote cause I’m from out of town and registered in a township two and half hours a way, but you better vote damn it.

Nick has an apple car that went on ebay for $160.00, three times what he paid. But hes gonna keep it, cause frankly the apple car ROCKS!

Oh yeah by the way, in case you haven’t noticed, it is freaking cold out.

If you are bored on Sunday nights, you have to watch Desperate Housewives on ABC. I don’t really know what it is about the show but it is really good. Its a new series that started three weeks ago, and its about all the twistedness of suburbean life. Its good, trust me, watch it.

till nick posts on Thursday


I added pics of Ludwig, so you can all see what my turtle looked like. I should have Molly, Roxy, KC, and Shilo up by next time.

I worked today, and yesterday. We started back at Hughs’ but should be done tomorrow. We sepent the day cutting sod, which is one of the most evil jobs we get stuck with. It’s not so bad when it’s dry and peels right off, but when it’s wet like now it just won’t come up.

I spent Monday with Jenn, and was there last night too. Will be going there tonight too. I am almost considering not mentioning it anymore unless we do something big, since I am there every night for the last 3 weeks.

Toshiba unveiled their new 60GB 1.8″ drives today, so it shouldn’t be too long before we see 60 gig ipods. Maybe as soon as WWDC at the end of this month, but maybe not until early August. It depends on how soon Toshiba starts shipping them. I figure 20 40 60 as new lineup, but only Steve and Jon know for sure (Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, and Jon Rubinstein, head of the iPod division for those not in the know).

Salute your Shorts, Hey Dude, Clarisa Explains it All, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Care Bears, GI Joe, Punky Brewster, Pippi Longstocking, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 321 Contact, Alf, Dinosaurs, Eureeka’s Castle, The Elephant Show, The Joy of Painting, Mr. Rodgers, Beakman’s World, You Can’t Do That on Television, Bill Nye, Pete and Pete, Reading Rainbow, Connections, The Secret Life of Machines. Just thoughts. Leave any I missed that you liked, would love to hear. Maybe next poll will be related.

OK, I think that’s it. Be back Saturday with more stuff. PLEASE comment and vote, I always like feedback. And yes, I am working on getting the site back up.


Skinamarinky Dinky Dink,
Skinamarinky Doo,
I Love You

Ehh, Kinda Tired

Oh, what to say, what to say…

Well, there are only about 2 hours remaining in the itunes giveaway. Apparently only like 5 million of the 100 million free songs had been redeemed as of Wednesday morning. BTW, Wednesday was the 1 yr anniversary of the itunes music store, and also brought the release of a new version of itunes, now at 4.5. I have redeemed all 11 of my songs.

I forgot to point out that throughout IC America, it was very noticeable (to me anyway) that Alton Brown was using a 15″ AlBook (a mac). He was in MacWorld a year or 2 ago for his mac use.

Tomorrow I am going with Scott to Chen’s (new chinese place in mall) for lunch, then to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail at Fashion Square. I suggest you all go as well, only $3.

School is all over. As far as I know, I have an A in Java, a B- in Networking Essentials, and an A in Adv. HTML. Not bad overall. I do have one problem though, ITS NOT WARM YET! Well, sometimes it is, but its generally railing at those times. Stupid weather.

Scott has suggested that I post the results for the past polls. They are all saved by bravenet, but only visible to me. I will need to set up a page on the website with them all I guess. I should anyway, because I think it only remembers the last 10, and I don’t want to lose them.

I think thats it for now. I’ sure I am forgetting something, but it will need to wait til Monday. Also, a new poll Monday.


NyQuill – the nighttime -sniffling, -sneezing, -what-the-hell-am-I-doing-on-the-kitchen-floor medicine.

Can I write for 3 days before the post?

This is my first try at writing stuff as I think of it, for 3 days, then posting it all as normal. If it works out, I may stick with it.

HUGE news: I’m on Google!
I fixed the counter so it counts both the website and the blog, and when looking at the visits, I noticed it was listing google searches as the referring URL. Sure enough, if you type “nslyax” on google, you get my blog! (along with some macrumors forum posts and my completely unused geocities page) the search terms I have been found by include:

“airport card” ser*al number: google.com
people counters: google.com
site:homepage.mac.com unpack G5: google.com
iblog ser*al: google.com
s*mc*ty 4 ser*al number: search.yahoo.com
number s*m c*ty 4: google.fr
isync motorola v120: google.com

Awesome, huh? You can check them out yourself. Just click the counter, click “details” on the next page, then click the number before the domain (i.e. chartermi.net, etc…). You can also click “Who’s On” to see who’s been on in the last 20 minutes, including you!

Other site/blog updates include a link back to the homepage, and I posted the new website, which is frame-less. I hate frames, but at the time it seamed like the best choice. They are gone now though and I am glad. let me know if you prefer it or not. I don’t know why I say that though. Nobody has ever said if they like a change or not, or answered any question I post. There not rhetorical people, I really want to know (I give credit to jason for applauding the new post summaries though). Also, I have accepted that the website doesn’t matter, and that I might as well post everything on it as a blog entry and leave a link on the front page of the blog. But what would be the fun in that? Another question is weather I should gizmate the website (yes, that is a word, because I say so). I could add a comment system, or a poll, or whatever. Let me know.

For some reason I need to have an internet obsession. There really isn’t that much to do online unless you do a lot of the same thing. Just this year I have obsessed over:

S*mC*ty 4
Rare Apple items
Any new Apple product
Mountain Bikes
Bike Trails
Delta Classes

Currently, its getting a $169 refurbished ipod from Apple (more on that below). Most of last year was based on wanting a new computer. And btw, still no SC4cd2.

“Fox News, Fair and Balanced Hurricane Coverage.” Yeah, we don’t want to be prejudiced against an ACT OF NATURE! I like Fox news, more than the other news channels, but come on.

I wanted to buy the refurbished 10GB ipod on the Apple Online Store. It was only $169, which is $230 less than when new. But, I hesitated and they got sold out. So I was waiting for some more to come in, and I was going to order one ASAP along with a $51 airport card, at $28 off. It sold out too. So I was considering, since I have an MBNA rebate that expires on 9/28 that I would buy the 15GB which is the newer model, but costs a whopping $279. Hey, I get $25 off though, and its a 15 and the newer model. It sold out too. So, just to put a final test to my powers, I am going to publicly announce right now, that unless one of my previous goal models becomes available by 9/28, I will buy the 20GB previous model for $269. Now, lets see how many hours until it sells out.

Have you heard about them wanting to crash Galileo into Jupiter? Well, they do, it’s almost out of fuel and to prevent the slim chance that stowaway microbes may inhabit Europa, NASA plans to turn Galileo into Jupiter and let it burn up on entry. Thats crazy enough, I mean what are the chances of microbes surviving 14 years in space, and then making it to Europa. It gets better though. A group believes that since Galileo is Plutonium powered, the heat of entering Jupiter’s atmosphere will set off an atomic explosion. Then, since Jupiter is mostly hydrogen, it will go into nuclear fusion, creating a new star, or simply exploding.


Heres why:

  1. The plutonium of Galileo is the wrong isotope, it is incapable of fission.
  2. The arrangement of the Pu on Galileo is wrong. It is in linear tubes, and would need to be in a sphere to enter fission.
  3. The hydrogen on Jupiter is the wrong isotope. For fusion to take place, you need Deuterium or Tritium (hydrogen with 1 or 2 neutrons, regular hydrogen has 0).
  4. To maintain fusion, you need “critical mass”. Jupiter is WAY under critical mass, which means the heat from any fusion that takes place would push away all the other hydrogen, stopping the reaction.

And there were a few more. A better description is available here. I just found it amusing.

What else.

My cousin Tim is in town. Arrived Thursday, leaves Monday. Came for his parents surprise party.

I think thats it. I’ve been writing crap for 3 days, and see I have quite a buildup. I can’t think of much else to add, so I guess I just need to post it all. If I try this again, I will need to work on organization though, because its just kinda here-and-there.

Ok, ttyl,

Every cloud has a silver lining,
And each year millions die of lightning strikes trying to reach it.


It feels like I just did this yesterday, oh yeah, I did.

Cool TV show: the Joe Schmo Show. They found some guy and put him on a reality TV show, but its all fake. The other 8 contestants are actors, and nearly all of it is pre-scripted. I don’t watch reality TV, but this is good.

Objective C++ today. Feels like I missed a class between 181 and this. Technically I did, Data Structures should be between, but isn’t required to be. Should come back soon.

IBEW test yesterday was a joke. Gave up to 45 minutes for reading portion, took me about 15 or 20. Math section was equally laughable. I expect an interview in 30 – 60 days.

Re-calculated time I’ve owned ibook last night. 278 days; 39.7143 weeks; 9.26666 months; 0.76164 years. Way too many significant digits, especially considering I didn’t figure in hours and minutes. Oh well.

I keep hitting command – , (comma). Opens the preferences for the open application. Is rather annoying, and it happens almost every time I do a lot of typing.

I think thats it. I’ve been writing every day for, well, this would be the 4th day, so lack of thoughts is kinda understandable.

Ok, night ya’all.


Why Aren't You Reading This?

I think this is blog night, seems early though. I guess this is it, why not?

Today is my brothers birthday, turned 18. That means 2 months, minus a day, until my birthday. I will of course be 21, although I dont drink. Ohh well, Happy Birthday Chris!

Next Monday is MacWorld New York, now Create or something. There was a news release from Apple that the G5s will be there, running 10.2.7 though instead of 10.3. Also, there are rumors that the new displays and keyboards/mice will be there as well, and perhaps the 15″ Aluminum PowerBook. I guess we will need to wait and see.

No new work on the website, though I do have plans for some additions to it over the weekend. Perhaps it will happen, perhaps it won’t.

I just had the weirdest deja-vu. The same episode of Futurama was on, I was writing in the blog, I was just messing with the dog, all seem like before, wierd.

According to the counter, there has only been one visitor. I had it up to 2 when I put up the last post, plus the one from today when I checked it, and it said 4, so that leaves 1. Thats pretty crappy. I blame Jason, his being MIA since late last week really hurts the count, since he’s the only regular visitor. Speaking of my readers, unless you have an objection I might post the full list on the blog in a week or 2. Yes, the complete list of all 12. Actually, due to the fact that most of you don’t read regularly, it might be better to only post the names of those who do ok it. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out.

Ok, that’s enough for now. See you all later.

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

Ahh, another post. It’s 12:07 right now so that means it’s the 4th now, so lets begin with a happy Independence Day to you all.

Molly is back from the vet. We took her in Monday, but due to several “veterinary emergencies” they were unable to due the surgery until tuesday morning, and she came home Wednesday. She goes back next week to have her stitches removed, but is nearly back to herself now.

I finally have the new site up. All the coding of it is done, but there is a severe lack of content still at this point. I will slowly work at it, knowing me very slowly. You can go check out the main design though, bitch about whatever is there so I know what to work on.

I hate this part, I need to write more, but can’t come up with anything useful. I could keep babbling like this, but you don’t want that. I could go on like this for a long time, but need something useful, something at least partially important.

The case of the new G5s is starting to grow on me. The lack of drive upgrades is still a pitfall though. Maybe with hard disks being of such insanely high capacities will alleviate this some, but there is still the no second optical drive/no removable media drive thing. Ohh well, perhaps in 2004.

I still want wireless. My laptop is sitting on an end table in the front room, and either I just sit in front of it, or disconnect all the cables but the ethernet and sit with it in a chair. What would be nice though, is if I could disconnect that last cable. I want too much stuff for this ibook right now: Wireless card, more memory, 10.3 Panther (when it comes out), AppleCare, and I still haven’t even paid it off yet. Like I said a few weeks ago, I gladly accept donations…

Ren & Stimpy is back, 2 episodes every thursday. The first, at 10pm is the “new” version, written and animated by the original crew. The second, at 11:30 is the “classic” version, digitally re-mastered of course (everything is now). These are the classic ones, “Space Madness”, “Happy Happy, Joy Joy”, “Log”, etc… You know what, they are not what I remembered. I could swear the annimation was better, these things look like old “Loony Toons” episodes, but they’re what, 6 years old?

Ok, thats enough for now, it says its 12:40 now so I been typing on and off for like 33 minutes, thats enough to me.

See you later,