Busy Busy

You can always tell when mid semester has come. Reports are due, projects are due, you have tests in every class over a 2 week period, and it sometimes seems like none of you professors realize of care that you have 3 other classes. And, you stop updating your blog after being decent for a while. The good news is, it should die down in a week or so, at least a little bit.

So, 2.5 weeks ago…

Jenn and I went up to her Aunt’s wedding, was fairly good. Wedding in East Jordan, went to Gaylord to check into hotel and found a nail in Jenn’s tire, so watched that rest of weekend. Reception in Elmira just outside Gaylord, then hotel for night. Sunday morning we shopped around Gaylord with Jenn’s sister and had lunch at Gobbler’s. Place is similar to Turkey Roost, but more expensive and not as good, I was disappointed. Next, we headed to Lewiston for our “free” night at Garland. We got a room upgrade, and had to pay tax on the would-be value, but was still less than much crappier Baymont the night before. Pics of room are on Picassa. Monday we headed home through Greyling, we we tried to get tire fixed. They quoted up to an hour wait so we risked it and made it back in time for me to get to class with an hour to spare. Jenn took car in following day, and nail was broken off, just stuck in tread, no actual puncture.

Weekend of 11th was stay at home weekend. Did laundry which was a major project. Worked on quite a bit of homework as well. That Sunday we did our SME barbeque, but turnout was not what we expected. No juniors, no sophomores, no freshman, just a few of the seniors. Week was busy, report due and work on project.

This weekend went to Bay City Saturday, saw Mom and Dad and Grandma, nothing real exciting. Actually, there was, I took apart my Mom’s old swing which was rotten and falling apart using a sledgehammer. Was a little excessive force, but oh well. A wrench would have took less energy, but much more time. Sunday night we had an SME BBQ redux. Decided it should be a regular thing. Jenn was up in Alpena Saturday and Sunday, got back around 7pm. They threw a surprise party for her Dad’s birthday.

Last night, I was up till after 3 working on statistics project. Finally got it done, sleep for 4 hours, in to class. Everyone starts complaining about how they couldn’t finish and didn’t figure out this or that, so he moved it back to Thursday. Grrrr! On one hand, I worked ass off to finish, I should get credit for that. On the other hand, things were brought up that I can change in my report to make it a little better. Oh well.

Played some disc golf here and there, but not a lot. Between school and people going hunting on weekends, just hasn’t been the time. We did get to see part of a Pro Ace Race here on Sunday, but was kind of pathetic. We actually could have been contenders.

This Saturday is our SME skeet shoot. I am not shooting, but Jenn will be. I think I am photographer, but not sure. We are, unfortunately, unorganized. Sunday, I am hosting the weekly dinner, making a big pot of stew.

Over the coming weeks, when I have time, I plan on making Jenn and I’s wedding site, and making a site for our SME group. Will be a very part time thing.

Also, looking ahead, we will be heading up to Atlanta, MI for SnoDrift the last weekend of January, and possibly to Detroit for NAIAS around the same time.

In addition to the Garland pics I mentioned, I finally added the pics from the Ren Fair to picasa also.

I think, that wraps it up. As I said, should die down some and updates will come more regular again soon.


Not Much

Not alot has happened.  Went to school for a week, pulled an A on my MATL test, played some disc golf.  Went to a party last Thursday at Miles and Mike’s.  Then more school for a week, and a party at John and Frank’s.  Saturday we went to Bay City and saw my Mom and Dad, went to the Johnson’s Giant Pumpkins and the River of Time.  Had dinner at Famous Dave’s with Dad and Grandma then came home.

I got two new discs last week.  I actually do quite a bit better with them.  We were out discing one night and decided to play highland games with some logs, and ended up quite filthy from them.  Greg and I ended up tying though.  Neither of us could get the log to flip, just land and plop.

This weekend we are going up to East Jordan for Jenn’s Aunt’s wedding, and reception near Gaylord.

Uhm, think that is it.

More some other time.


Birthday Week

Well, birthday went well.  Had Applebee’s a few days before, and went to Schubergs the night of.  Had some mini burgers and chili cheese tater tots, yum.  Went with Jenn, Greg, and Dane.

Classes for the week went fine, especially since I got to miss a day.

IMTS was very interesting.  Saw a lot of stuff that I had barely heard of, and more that I had no idea existed.  Some of the machines and robots were really impressive.

Apple introduced new iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPod classic on Tuesday, full details on their site.

Jenn and I went to a bridal show last night (Friday) in Grand Rapids at the museum.  Was a lot of women running around crazy excited of nothing, I was glad to get out of there.  We headed over to Beltline to Johnny Carrino’s which was decent, but not great.  They are trying to find a niche between Olive Garden and Carraba’s that I don’t think actually exists.  Since we were nearby, I persuaded Jenn to go to Woodland Mall and look at the new iPods which are very nice.  She made me promise I wouldn’t buy one before we went though, so I was good.

So, that was my week.  Only other thing I could add is that I have been disk golfing more.  Three times this week.  Would be more if not for the rain.


Twenty Six!

  1. It’s my birthday.
  2. School is good so far.
  3. Still one class I haven’t been to, will have it at 4 I think.
  4. Going to Chicago Thursday for IMTS.
  5. Updates resume and started thinking about jobs this past week.
  6. Put down deposit, Wedding is officially 10/10/09 at Garland Resort, Lewiston, MI.
  7. Began considering where we want to live in 9 months.
  8. Fitness/Medicine balls are fun.
  9. Going to have homework this semester, which is a change from Winter.
  10. Did I mention it’s my Birthday?

My Last Last Day Off

Today was my last ever day of summer vacation, ever, for the rest of my life.  Tomorrow though, will be my last ever first day of school (in theory, though I will likely get a MS or MBA eventually).

Last weekend, we went to bay City, hung out for a while at my Mom’s, then to Hooligan’s for a while.  Good to see all the guys from the Library, and talked to Todd for a bit about his wedding to get some ideas for ours.

Sunday morning, Casey (Dad’s dog) got sprayed by a skunk, so he had to cancel going to Ren Fest with us to clean him up.  My brother was short on cash, so he was a no.  So, Jenn and I went off on our own.  My dad called us when we were about to Bridgeport to see if we had left yet, we offered to wait for him but weren’t up to going back.  He said no, so we kept going.

Ren fair was a lot bigger than Battle Creek’s, but kind of blah since we had just been to one a few weeks ago.  I was complemented three times on my kilt, and once on my “Pluto Replies” t-shirt.  We shot some archery, saw a 4 man joust, I got a t-shirt, and got a nice tan.

When we were finished there, we drove up to Garland to check them out.  We got half off as we were looking at a wedding there.  We had dinner, slept for the night, then met with the wedding coordinator in the morning.  It is a very beautiful place, and we are certainly interested.  Too many questions left though that we need to figure out on our own, and were not ready to commit to it.

Spent the week relaxing.  My biggest accomplishment was probably attaining Pro level at WiiSports Golf.

Yesterday Dane and Greg moved in so we went to El Burrito to catch up then went for a round of Disk Golf.  We made it through 14, played 15 – 17 as speed rounds, and called it too dark to do 18.

We gained 2 new family members Friday night.  Got a second Jack Dempsey and a snail, that are in a second aquarium.  As they are rather small, I don’t trust Jill not to pick on or outright eat them, so they are in my old 2.5 gallon.  It is way too old to keep them very long, but until I feel thay can go in the big one it will suffice.  When we move next year and are settled in, maybe I will get a 55 or 70 gallon for everyone to stay in.

I was right on my computer, it returned on Monday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t here, so I didn’t get it until Tuesday.  It’s all fixed though so I am happy so long as it doesn’t reoccur.

OK, thats all for now.  Will let you all know how classes are Wednesday evening or so.

BTW, 1 week to my birthday!



Well, my box arrived today for the MacBook to go in for repairs.  That crack in the palmrest that happened in March is finally going to get fixed.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.  If it does, hopefully its in time to ship in over Christmas break.  Still, preferably, it hopefully doesn’t happen again.

Weekend with Jenn’s sister and family went well.  Sat around Friday night, went to GR Saturday, and they left Sunday morning.  We had some Red Robin which is always good, and tried to get my computer fixed at the Apple Store, but they wont ship so would require a trip back which sounded un-fun.

I got my PPG paycheck a week and a half early, always nice.  Will be useful when we got to Bay City this weekend, and to Ren Fest in Holly.

School is down to about a week and a half now, and my birthday 2 and a half.

Still haven’t gotten another crawfish.  Aquarium looks kind of empty.  At least need some plants.

OK, think that is all.  Will update hopefully Monday, if my computer is back.  Can always use Jenn’s though too.



I am free!  Yesterday was my last day of work at PPG.  We tried to work out something for the fall but my school schedule just didn’t allow for much.  Despite feeling like the $10/hour peon sometimes, I did enjoy it.  It’s too bad it took so long for them to start giving me more engineering assignments though, as that was sort of what I was there for.  I did get a lot of quality management though.  I should be back for a visit with SME in October or so.

I just checked Nearly Free Speech and my bandwidth has finally exceeded 1GB, which now means I pay under $1 per GB of transfer ($0.991 currently).  It goes down in a log type formula as I use more bandwidth.  Sadly, this deal began February 1st, so it took me six months to get in that first GB.  It goes down constantly, so I keep paying slightly less to transfer every single page load though.  Once I reach 10GB of transfer, my cost will be down to $0.50 per GB, in about 5 more years.  Unfortunately, bandwidth (obviously) is not my primary cost but server space.  Still, I only use about $4 or $5 per year excluding domain name.

Jenn managed to plan about half of our wedding in the last week.  She gets a little obsessed sometimes.  Tentatively (very), it is scheduled for 10/10/09 at Garland Resort, but that could change overnight.

School is down to about 3 weeks away now.  August 2nd.  I am looking forward to it, nerd that I am.  It’s my last year of school, it is very sad.  😦

Sunday morning I went to feed the fish, and we had lost another one.  Rosy, the remaining rosy barb had perished.  Not sure how, but somehow overnight.  She was oldest, now it is Kitty.  She was about 2 weeks over a year old.  Was much smaller than Jill or Sunny, and were kind of expecting her to go in the next couple months as Jill keeps growing.  We still haven’t replaced Bubba yet, but maybe in the next week or two I will go to the pet shop since I am off.

I watched MST3K: the Movie tonight.  I was never a fan of the show (not that I didn’t like, but just never watched) but that was funny as hell.  A lot of the comments are very so-so, but they just throw one after another after another, and suddenly you break out laughing at the stupidest one-liner.


Apple has refurbished iPod touch for $199.  I really want one, but my extravagant spending for the year was my kilt.  There are nanos for like $149 too.

On that note, my birthday is one month from yesterday.

That would be it I think.


Finally Current

So, this week…


Monday was our Metrology exam, Tuesday was Production Processes.  They were both pretest/posttest exams, and following the Metrology exam he graded them immediately, and I was actually WORSE by 1 question!  Still, I had the highest grade in the class though.

Tuesday Greg, Dane, and I payed our last game of disc golf.  That night, since exams were over, Jenn and I had a little dinner at Bennigan’s, where they had $2 long islands, which was nice considering the circumstances.  Next was a friends house for a party to round out the night.

Wednesday Jenn and I went to Holland for the Tulip Fest.  It turned out to be a bunch of old ladies on tour busses.  We did have some fun at the New Holland Brewery again though.

Thursday (finally up to yesterday) was a sit around day, though Jenn and I played a round of disc golf.

And finally, today, Jenn and I went for a bike ride.

So, what did I forget…

One morning we woke up, and rather than two rosey barbs, we only had one and a half.  Also, Monday, just before my exam, Jenn and I went to the driving range for 45 minutes or so.

Yesterday, I randomly called a few companies, and PPG in Evart asked me to email them my resume.  I woke up this morning with an interview on Wednesday.  Hopefully this will finally be it.

Last weekend, we got DVR from Charter, which is freaking cool.  Sadly, I haven’t figured out the real cool shit, like getting shows form the computer to DVR and back.

Saturday (tomorrow) at 9:00 I will be at Hooligans for some fun.  Anybody who sees this is welcome to join.

Anything else I will update on after my weekend in Bay City.


April Oops Part Two

First, two corrections on the last post…

While in GR before Kalamazoo, Jenn and I also stopped off at the VW dealership, as Jenn was kind of looking for a new car.  Second, before my banquet, Jenn had spent Tuesday through Friday in Alpena, and came home just a few hours before the banquet.  This included driving through Grayling that was surrounded by forrest fires the day before, and she said was rather interesting.

Moving on, We come to the week of the 28th – 2nd.

Monday we met early to give a last big push on Amerikam, spending most of the day trying to get as much done as possible.  Tuesday was more of the same, concluding with me taking them to Staples for binding.  Wednesday we drove down to Amerikam and presented.  We were randomly chosen to be last, which kind of sucked.  The first 5 groups were grilled on errors in their paperwork and calculations.  By the time we were up, they had covered most of that, so lightened up on us.  We, however, had a very different process that we later would learn was closer to the one Amerkam actually used, so were grilled by the, up till then, quiet engineers that actually knew some about our machines.  Following our presentations, we had lunch, then Amerikam presented their actual process, and took us out to the floor to show us the machines.

As I hinted, our process was quite similar, and had we changed a few speeds and feeds our times and prices would easily have matched theirs.  Unfortunately, because our price was WAY lower than the rest, it stuck out and we lost, as we looked to have made a gross error, though they agreed we probably didn’t.

Wednesday I had an interview with Parker Hannifin, who happens to make brass parts, much like Amerikam.  I brought along a copy of my project and they ate it up, absolutely loved it.  They even gave me a plant tour and I found that our speed were right, and Amerikam was actually running slower than they could be.  They even use our second machine that Amerikam didn’t.  Sadly though, I learned Friday morning that I didn’t quite fit their needs.  I was really excited, and knew they loved me, but in the back of my mind kind of felt that they loved me for manufacturing, and were sadly hiring mechanical/drafting.  Oh well.

Thursday was no class, as the professors did not expect us to be sober enough.

The weekend I tried to recuperate from everything, and played a little more disk golf.

And that begins this week, which is yet another post.

April Oops Part 1

School has been using up alot of my time, particularly our Amerikam project, so the blog wound up suffering.  Sorry.

To catch up, rather than all in one post, I am splitting it into two parts, each covering about a week, then a semi-current post.

So, where did I leave off…

Thursday, the 17th, I went with Dane and Greg to try disc golf.  My brother tried to get me to go for 2 years but it was a semi-far drive to get there.  Here, its about 2 minutes away, so I gave it a try.  It turns out, I like it.

Friday, following class, Jenn and I went to Kalamazoo.  We started off in GR at Cascade Winery to get a bottle of mead, and Jenn picked an apple wine.  We then continued down to kazoo and to our hotel.  We had dinner at Logan’s and stopped by the local bike shop as her parents have been looking at getting new bicycles.  Back at the hotel we tried her apple wine that was pretty good, then my mead that was rather disappointing.  It starts off like honey and water, but finishes very dry.

Overall, Kalamazoo seemed cool, with bike lanes EVERYWHERE and the Kal-Haven trail.  On the other hand, the shopping was spread out sort of weird, and it looked a lot like Saginaw, just sort of run down in a lot of the neighborhoods we saw.

Saturday we headed north toward home, stopping again in GR.  We had lunch downtown at Flannigan’s, then walked to DeVos Center for the Patio and Spa show that was decent, but not worth the money.  Flannigan’s was really good though, and I may agree with their claim of best rueben in GR.  They also have all 3 Guinness products on tap, so I tried a Harp and was very happy with it.

Following that, we went to the Dunhams on Plainfield to buy disks for Jenn and I, as I had borrowed Greg’s earlier, then headed home.

The following week was a lot of working on our project.  I did surprise myself though, by playing disc gold every day that week, Monday through Friday.

Also that Friday was our banquet at the Holiday Inn.  Several scholarships and the senior mock-award were presented, and dinner obviously.  Food was unimpressive sadly, considering the $20 each price (though the school covered half, and we only had to par $10).

I think I will leave it there for now.  The 28th – 2nd in the next post.