The Macs are Back

Yep, Best Buy has macs again. They have been going on and off their website all week, but it seems they will now stay. They are also available at a few stores (not ours) and are to be featured in “several ads” as of tomorrow, not known yet if this means weekly circular or on-line ads though. Currently, the website lists emacs, imacs, ibooks, and powerbooks, plus keyboards, mice, and displays. Interesting note: Apple displays use a proprietary ADC jack for connection, that carries power, USB, and DVI signal to the monitor, but only the PowerMac carries this jack. The only other mac capable of connecting to an ADC display is the PowerBook 15″ and 17″, which have DVI output but require an adapter for ADC. So Best Buy sells the displays, and the PowerBooks, but not the adapter, and no PowerMacs, making the displays unusable. Perhaps they are waiting for the G5 to sell Powermacs. We will need to wait and see.

Ok, went to a bon-fire last night and was ravaged by mosquitos. I look like I have a disease or something now. Mom keeps yelling “put this on,””put that on”. “It’s not working woman!!!!!” All that brings relief is itching, but there are too many!

I made it to 4 days, 3 hours before restarting. At about the 4 day mark though, a glitch in the finder made dragging stop. For some reason, when I clicked an icon and tried to drag it, it didn’t move. Fiddled with stuff for a while, but finally gave in and restarted. At 5 days 7 hours 31 minutes now (11:40 pm).

Yesterday our cable modem was running rather slow for a while, as was several peoples I hear. So at around 8 pm I was downloading a file and got this insane download speed, and was really freaked out. Ran a speed test at and got this. Yes, 1.8 MBit, on a 768 kbit line. Thats more than double our standard speed. Heck, Charter only offers up to 1.5 MBit to consumers. It (sadly) returned to normal after about an hour.

Well, can’t think of anything else. Guess I will talk to you all tuesday at blog #27.


Why aren’t you people buying my stuff?!

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just sat here writing for 20 minutes, and POOF!

Its gone!!

Here’s the just of it, because I’m lazy:

1) Why am I still Up?

2) Got a wifi AP, if you want to try it let me know, as I have no 802.11b card to try it with. Try, 5 on west side, 1 on east side.

3) Uncle leaves in about an hour, leaving kids for 2 weeks. Hope Danielle comes with him to pick boys up, would like to see her. They want me to go with in 2 weeks, I dont want to, variety of reasons.

4) Apple edu discounts, BIG price drops.


And thats about where it all disappeared, page reloaded and form was blank. Yeah, that was in there too, am on blogger form because I was too lazy to open KungLog. That will show me, huh.

Ok, thats all. I don’t feel bad about leaving a small post, because this is just a boredom update. Do feel bad about losing the post, as it was pretty good. See you Monday night.


untitled ranting, because I cant think of one

Hello all, and welcome to another update. This is my first post EVER to be made from KungLog rather than Bloggers HTML form. We will see how it works, and go from there.

I never worked on the website this weekend, and my Uncle Steve, Aunt Donna, and cousins DJ and Pat will be here this weekend, and the two boys will be staying for 2 weeks. We’ll see how much time I have to work, who knows.

I just spent the day drilling holes for Cat5 ethernet cable through the house. Funny, because in the next day or two I should be going to BestBuy to buy a wireless router. No matter, wireless will be convenient on my ibook, but is only 12 MB/s, compared to the 100MB/s I get from ethernet. Though, if I want speed, I can turn on IP over FireWire, for 400MB/s (those are all MegaBits per second by the way, divide by 8 for MegaBytes). Oh well, run the cables tomorrow, along with telephone and CATV up to my room. Its like I’m finally moving in, after a mere 3 months. Still have alot to unpack though.

What else… Oh, sorry about that little “blurb” last time, I don’t know what happened to me. To prevent it from happening again though, I will be adding a “For Sale” section to the webpage (yeah right, like I’ll ever get to it). But seriously, BUY MY STUFF!

Wow, good way into my post already and haven’t yet used any of the special features in KungLog. I feel bad about it. Supposed to make it easier to do bold, italic, change sizes, insert images, etc… but I don’t actually do any of that. A link now and then, but I am at a month and a half on posts with only 2 links so far, and one didn’t work so only I know where it is. Tell you what though, if you can find that first broken link, I will give you a prize. I will give you a 2 day, all exclusive (that means nothing is included, part of joke, nevermind, you missed it) trip to beautiful Omer, Michigan. Thats right, I will allow you to drive your own ass up to Omer, do whatever you want, then drive home. You can stare at the river, stare at the bar, whatever, its all up to you. No, nevermind, not in a giving mood anymore. Oh well.

Wait, where am I, damn it, I went rambling again, need to stop that.
Ok, I seem to be tired or something. Besides, drilling those holes in the walls, I’m covered in drywall and plaster dust, so I need a shower. Next update is friday, see you then.


Resistance is Futile
(where r < 1ohm)

The "Salesman" Trance

Another day, another blog.

I got the letter from Delta a few days ago saying that I was approved for my degree, so just a week or two and I should have it.

My brothers birthday was “uneventful”. He has apparently learned that at a point they don’t really matter anymore. Oh well, it happens to us all.

NEW!!! the “I need to sell my crap” section!!!

Powerbook 5300c
100MHz 603e
1.1GB Hard Disk
Sony CD-ROM DiskMan 2x CD-ROM
spare battery
Targus leather case
28.8 pc card modem
$200 o.b.o.

Apple Color StyleWriter 2400
300 d.p.i.
apple serial port
$35 o.b.o.

Palm m125
33MHz Motorola Dragonball processor
8MB internal RAM
Palm OS 4.0
SD/MMC slot
16MB Panasonic SD Card
USB Sync Cradle
$125 o.b.o.


SCSI CD-ROMs, SCSI CDRWs, USB CDRWs, USB Scanners, USB Printers, ADB Keyboards, ADB Mice, more, more, more!!!

If you need something, want something, or are just curious, just ask. Make an offer, sale or trade. I gladly accept cash, checks, airport cards, wireless routers, etc…

Ok, now that thats over…

It’s the weekend and that means I need to get more work on the webpage done. Probably go for more pictures or something, maybe PDFs of old school reports I liked. Who knows, we’ll see.

When Panther comes out, I am going to the Apple Store in Troy. If you would like to come, let me know. If nothing else, maybe we can run out on the highway and take pictures in front of the exit sign (Exit 69, Big Beaver Rd.). If anyone would prefer to go to the Novi store, I don’t mind as I haven’t been there yet, so up for something new, but I don’t know how to get there so you would need to drive. The Troy store is a no-brainer to get to, part of why I like it. And in case you don’t know, Panther is Mac OS X 10.3, which should be out in late 2003.

Ok, enough for now. I will see you on, uhm, Tuesday, yeah, yeah Tuesday.

Firework People, and People Counters

Ok, quick, go to the bottom of the page and come back, I’ll wait……..

See it! Now I can keep track of you freaks. It even tells me where you were before you got here (if you linked only, not if you typed it in) so I can tell if you were on my website, since its the only place with a link here. I also updated the website, getting some pictures up there right now, its not much but its something.

I have my PowerBook up for sale at macrumors forums so if you want a decent laptop send me a message. I also have 2 printers, a scanner, 2 cdrw drives, a cdrom, a palm m125, and a lot more. Essentially if you want some type of computer part let me know, I probably have it.

Went to 2 of the fireworks shows this weekend. Thursday we went on a bikeride because my mom tried to avoid them, friday we watched them on the middlegrounds, and saturday we were at Stretches bar on Henry, about a half mile from where they were launced. I realized on Saturday that everyone watched fireworks for different reasons. Kids watch them for the bright colors and different shapes. Drunks watch them for the loud bangs. I seem to watch for the science of them. That we can control black powder that well, make it shoot a ball hundreds of feet in the air, make it shoot out in specific direction, and can make nearly any color is really amazing. I dont know, maybe its just my mind creating funky reasons for going every year, who knows.

Well, I think thats it. Want to mention that my brother’s 18th is this wednesday. You all have a good week!


I didn’t gripe about anything, how often does that happen!