Eight is Enough

A fun pop quiz for the first day back to school…

How many planets are there?

If you just thought “Nine”, you are wrong.

As of Thursday, there are now only eight planets, as Pluto has officially been demoted to “Dwarf Planet” status. It is decidedly too small, and in a too-populated area of space to be considered an official planet. The new description of what constitutes a planet is rather vague and confusing, I must say.

Granted, Pluto has been considered a planet for 70 some years now, but at its discovery its actually size was not accurately known, and some have argued that had it been at the time, Pluto would never have achieved planetary status.

This is not the first time a planet has been demoted either. At the time of their discoveries, the asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta were all called planets. Not until later was it discovered that these were only the largest of the thousands of objects in the asteroid belt. Pluto’s fate is very similar, as it has been discovered to be the largest of the items, as well as one of the nearest, in the Kuiper belt.

A second proposal by the International Astronomical Union would have brought the total number of planets to 12. This proposal not only kept Pluto, but added Ceres, the largest asteroid, as well as Pluto’s moon Charon (because Charon does not actually orbit Pluto, but instead the both orbit a point between them, they are technically a “Binary Planet System”, not a planet and moon), and the body “2003 UB313”, the “10th Planet” discovered in 2003 even further out than Pluto. That proposal, however, was voted down, and the new system later voted in.

How long this will stand is unknown. Only 400 some of the 10,000 astronomers who could have voted did, so it is not yet set is stone forever. That there may be a new proposal to grandfather Pluto as a planet and make all future discoveries dwarfs is possible, and even if the decision stands, future clarification is certain.

For more info, please see Wikipedia or Space.com.

100,000 Words, Fool!

Lets start with the car. Few days ago I decided to try and accomplish something with it so started with my trunk. The lock is jammed so the key wont work, but the release in the car does work. I lubed it and what not, and even tried disassembling it, but all to no avail. Then I pulled off my door panel to see if the missing speaker left dangling wires that were shorting, in hopes of getting the stereo to stop shutting off. Turns out, no, there weren’t. I did find out how shitty of a job Graff did at attaching my door panel though. Next I tried tightening up my spoiler, and found that of the 4 stud bolts attached to the spoiler and bolted to the trunk lid, 3 were not attached to the spoiler. On top of that, when they came loose the previous owner used a hot glue gun to try securing them. Not only did this not work, but it made for a bigger mess for me to clean before even starting. So, the trunk lock is still jammed, my stereo still shuts off randomly, and my spoiler is now in the trunk and 2 pieces of masking tape cover the bolt holes to keep out water. I am going to pick up some epoxy to reattach the studs, and see if chris can figure something out with stereo.

Powertrain apparently lost 360 some of its 750 employees to the buyout offers. When Scott and I were there, they had 1000 employees. There is a certain, small, chance that they could hire, but the more likely is they will be receiving transfers from plants that are scheduled to close.

The chances of me riding to Mackinaw seem to go down more that up. I realized when we went camping how much of a problem the hills, heat, and bugs may be. I am not saying I wont do it though. I would actually like to do it in say late September, when its cooler and the bugs are gone, but with school and work going on by then I don’t think it would be a possibility. I am afraid of trying it in August or July though.

In a related note, coverage of Tour de France begins on OLN on Saturday, that’s day after tomorrow! It really doesn’t seem like a year. I swear it was mid-July to mid-August, not early to early. Whatever, it here and I can watch it.

We are also down to about a month till Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. There are already rumors and supposed leaks of Tiger and possible specs of new PowerMacs (“MacPro” is current consensus for new name) and XServes. I almost wonder if it would be more fun to stop reading rumor sites now and wait to get the full surprise, but know it won’t happen.

I do plan to fix the template, since it appears to only display properly in Safari. IE, Firefox for Mac and Windows, and I presume most other browsers do not display it like it should be seen.

And finally, this post brings me to 100,150 words, by current count. That’s not bad.



Me Who?

OK, after 3 days of searching, I must ask who the hell is “Me”? This is all I know

Uses Opera
Has Win XP
In Bay City area
Charter cable modem
Early bird (or very night owl)
Is not Scott, Jenn, my Mom, John, Troy, Sarah, or a friend of any of them.
and I know IP address, but not a lot of help.

Anyway, PLEASE comment with a NAME, or e-mail me, PLEASE!

So what else…

I sold more stuff on eBay.

I have decided I can not be trusted. I get bored and need something to look at online, and ended up doing way too much research on DV camcorders. Bad idea. As my mom would say “NOOOOO”.

Ok, thats all. I just want to know who “Me” is. If you tell me, I will put the school assignments back up. 🙂


I can’t think of a quote, too stuck on the “Me” thing.

:) From Jenn

I’m bored cause Nick is watching CSI and I didn’t pay attention to the first half, so I am blogging for him. He got one of his ebay payments today, so that was exciting, but then the one item didn’t sell again, so that was sucky.

John kerry kept saying, “I HAVE A PLAN, I HAVE A PLAN!” but never actually said what the plan was. Well, Nick found the “plan” on his website but it was really vague. Only two weeks and one day till the election, do you know who you are voting for? I can’t vote cause I’m from out of town and registered in a township two and half hours a way, but you better vote damn it.

Nick has an apple car that went on ebay for $160.00, three times what he paid. But hes gonna keep it, cause frankly the apple car ROCKS!

Oh yeah by the way, in case you haven’t noticed, it is freaking cold out.

If you are bored on Sunday nights, you have to watch Desperate Housewives on ABC. I don’t really know what it is about the show but it is really good. Its a new series that started three weeks ago, and its about all the twistedness of suburbean life. Its good, trust me, watch it.

till nick posts on Thursday

For Sale

I have finally listed some stuff on eBay. It took alot more effort than it should have, due to eBay feeling that my account was hacked and therefore blocking access to it. It took 3 days, but I got access, and got some stuff listed.

I listened to the first presidential debate on my computer, and watched the second early this morning on a Fox News rebroadcast. After coming to mixed opinions, I decided to look online for a survey to help me find who my best candidate is. My results were a bit off of what I expected:

1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%)
2. Brown, Walt – Socialist Party (72%)
3. Cobb, David – Green Party (72%)
4. Nader, Ralph – Independent (63%)
5. Kerry, Senator John, MA – Democrat (56%)
6. Badnarik, Michael – Libertarian (36%)
7. Bush, President George W. – Republican (25%)
8. Peroutka, Michael – Constitution Party (9%)

Apparently my only chance of a 100% (or anything even close) match is to write in my own name. My top match though is Walt Brown, of the Socialist party. Of the 2 candidates that have any chance, Kerry is on top with 56% compared to Bush’s mere 25%.

Overall, based on my views toward what I heard on debates and read on their websites, Kerry is my more compatible on domestic policy while Bush is on foreign. So, I still am fairly unsure which way I will go, but it likely wont be socialist (though this isn’t the first time I have taken a survey and been deemed a socialist).

My overall view of the latest debate is that Kerry too often says “I have a plan” without saying a single word on what the plan is. What are all these plans? Are you going to invade Canada and make them our slaves? Are you going to have your wife’s family give us all free Ketchup so we forget our worries? Bush though, seems to always be defending his last 4 years in office and seldom saying what he will do. So, I am left seeing a choice of a president who wont explain his plans, or one that seems to have none at all.

Anyway, enough of that.

Not that I have much else.

I have posted more to the website. The links, PAQ, and disclaimer are now up. The links page has been slightly updated, but there are more additions I want to do (the “update” was just removing links, not adding). Still more to do, but it is going.

My 200th post will on December 14th. Thats not too far away really. This is 178 by the way, in case you wondered.

OK, I think thats it. I guess I will see you all on Tuesday.


Recent polls say you lost the debate?
Yeah, that’s why I never trust Poles, or Germans, French, or Russians for that matter.

I Finally Did Stuff!

Scott and I met Jim at HCB Friday. He was exactly the same. He is leaving for the Navy, tomorrow I believe. He will be a semen, err seaman.

My movies came in today. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, and UHF. I haven’t watched any yet, but will soon.

What else…

I got the money for my stuff on eBay, hopefully Nick gets some more of it up next week.

I found out my 21 days of uptime is squat. Check out these servers. Those are in days. The current leader has been up for 1741 days, or about 4.77 years. Thats insane.

I have decided we need federal guidelines for timing. There needs to be a definition of “soon”. Genji Steakhouse claimed in August that a Saginaw location was “coming soon”. They still claim the same thing. If it was “soon” six months ago, then it could be another six months from now. And even six more months from then. We need regulations that state how long “soon” is, to keep this kind of thing from happening.

Ok, thats enough. I don’t really feel like writing this anyway, I just do it for my peeps.


Ok, I’m going to watch my movies, see you all Tuesday.


Lobotomy: when a lobotist uses a lobotom to otomize your lob.


Hi all. Ever wonder why diner is a place, and dinner is a meal, but dessert is a place and desert is a meal? Thats weird, damn english. Would be different if I did it. None of this “phone”, “of”, or “queen”. No, in MY english, they would be “fone”, “ov” and “cueen”. I see no need for the “ph”, or the “q”. The first is easily replaced with a simple “f”, and the second with “kw” or “cu”. Besides, what good is “q”? It is the only letter dependent on another, “u”. Why not just incorporate that a “u” will follow, and drop it?

School is going fine, only 13 more weeks of it, woohoo! Then it will be nice out and I can bike, double woohoo!

I am still cleaning my room more. Is just clutter I need to move around and sort. Nothing too bad.

I might re-structure the website, and make more additions. If I do, it would screw with links from the blog though, so I would need to go through and correct the broken links. Will see.

Whooh! Three people just signed off at the same time, made a weird sound. Strange.

What else…

Ohh, To answer Scott’s question, No. He posted a comment to the last blog asking if Apple would have a Super Bowl commercial, and they will not. They will however be featured in Pepsi’s, as Pepsi is starting a deal to give away 100,000,000 songs from the itunes music store. I would like to say now that if any of you receive a winning bottle cap and decide you don’t want to download and install itunes for a free song you could just get from kazaa, I will gladly take your caps. The promotion runs from Feb. 1st to to March 31st.

Since nobody ever commented on Bionica, I will be writing a second one anyway. The first one was bad mostly because of all the introduction crap, and I think I can do better on the next one. We will see. I am also going to edit my quick story from a few weeks ago and put it in short stories on the site.

Ok, thats all for tonight, go home.


Life is like a box of chocolates,
Sometimes it’s a wonderful gift,
and sometimes there full of laxatives and turn everything shitty.


Ok, so it wasn’t a bad week or anything, but still, maybe is more of a TGIF for you?

Anyway, went to casino last night with mom and Suchyta. Suchyta puts a quarter in a machine, gets 3 7s, wins $0 because was only 1 coin. Puts in 3 coins a few times, and it came back! 300 coins, so $75. My mom gave him some, as it was her coins. Fifteen minutes later I put a $.50 coin in machine, same thing, triple 7s and got nothing because 1 coin. Put some more coins in and it came back, $75, mom gave me like $30 of it.

Wednesday night I got a Zip 250 drive. I hooked it up to computer with my Zip100, and made a dual zip raid array. God I need a life. Better than dude who used 5 floppies though, right? Good news is I was going through Zip disks and found one of them had some stuff saved from 7600, so I got some old docs from school and stuff that I thought was lost.

I worked today, possibly last day of season. Possibly last day ever, if I get a better job over winter (HINT HINT GM, IBEW!).

I just noticed I hit 400 visitors. Sadly it was some dumb shit searching on google, probably for ser*al numbers. Bastards, LOOK ON LIMEWIRE, THEY’RE ALL THERE! Idiots.

Ok, I think thats good for now.


“the Sock” moved to “Stories” section.


Well, I was sitting here watching Erin Brochovich and realized it’s that time again. So here I am.

I realized a few days ago how screwy the circuits in this house are. If I turn my fluorescent desk lamp on or off, it sends enough EM interference out to fuzz up my TV. Thing is they are in outlets on opposite sides of the room and are both in surge suppressors, that should be filtering the interference. Maybe I just need better strips?

I am pissed at both Apple and Belkin. First the good stuff though. Apple had a big announcement earlier this week. They released the second version of the iTunes music store, and iTunes 4.1 to take advantage of it. They also released iTunes for windows, including access to the music store. I encourage all you who use windows to at least try iTunes. They also announced two big deals. The first is a with AOL to send users to the iTunes music store when looking at music in AOL’s music section. The second is with Pepsi, to give away ONE HUNDRED MILLION free songs from February 1st to March 31st. At $.99 a song, thats $99,000,000 in music, with one in 3 being winners.

But the bad news. Belkin announced a new voice recorder and media card reader that connect to gen3 iPods. I own a gen2 iPod, so I can’t use these. Now yes, I bought it refurbished well after it was discontinued, so I knew something like this would happen. But there is no reason the voice recorder can’t be used on gen2 iPods. The media card reader does require the new dock connector as a means to pass data to the ipods HD, but the voice recorder uses the headphone port and a software update, meaning it could easily work on the older iPods. I blame both Apple and Belkin for this. Which brings me to my second problem, why no more software updates for gen2s? They haven’t been updated since iPod software 1.3, while gen3s are up to 2.1. There is no reason Apple can’t put the extra games and faster functionality on the older iPods.

Anyway, there’s my ranting. Been a long time since I did a good ranting, and it felt good. I will need to get pissed off more often.

Next week I get rebate check, and Panther, WOOHOO!

I did some website updating last night. A page on my computer and entertainment system, and added link to my mostly blank library page(yes Scott, just for you) Both are on the “Everything Else” page.

I went to the casino Thursday night. Ended up about even, slightly ahead. If I had left after 15 minutes though, would have been much more ahead. Got triple 7s twice in a row, then again 5 pulls later. Had single coin first time, 2 second, and 1 third. That’s 50, 100, and 50 coins, 200 x $.50 = $100 Oh well.

See you all Tuesday, when I’m $1250 richer.


“Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, but Laziness Always Pays Off Now”

Can I write for 3 days before the post?

This is my first try at writing stuff as I think of it, for 3 days, then posting it all as normal. If it works out, I may stick with it.

HUGE news: I’m on Google!
I fixed the counter so it counts both the website and the blog, and when looking at the visits, I noticed it was listing google searches as the referring URL. Sure enough, if you type “nslyax” on google, you get my blog! (along with some macrumors forum posts and my completely unused geocities page) the search terms I have been found by include:

“airport card” ser*al number: google.com
people counters: google.com
site:homepage.mac.com unpack G5: google.com
iblog ser*al: google.com
s*mc*ty 4 ser*al number: search.yahoo.com
number s*m c*ty 4: google.fr
isync motorola v120: google.com

Awesome, huh? You can check them out yourself. Just click the counter, click “details” on the next page, then click the number before the domain (i.e. chartermi.net, etc…). You can also click “Who’s On” to see who’s been on in the last 20 minutes, including you!

Other site/blog updates include a link back to the homepage, and I posted the new website, which is frame-less. I hate frames, but at the time it seamed like the best choice. They are gone now though and I am glad. let me know if you prefer it or not. I don’t know why I say that though. Nobody has ever said if they like a change or not, or answered any question I post. There not rhetorical people, I really want to know (I give credit to jason for applauding the new post summaries though). Also, I have accepted that the website doesn’t matter, and that I might as well post everything on it as a blog entry and leave a link on the front page of the blog. But what would be the fun in that? Another question is weather I should gizmate the website (yes, that is a word, because I say so). I could add a comment system, or a poll, or whatever. Let me know.

For some reason I need to have an internet obsession. There really isn’t that much to do online unless you do a lot of the same thing. Just this year I have obsessed over:

S*mC*ty 4
Rare Apple items
Any new Apple product
Mountain Bikes
Bike Trails
Delta Classes

Currently, its getting a $169 refurbished ipod from Apple (more on that below). Most of last year was based on wanting a new computer. And btw, still no SC4cd2.

“Fox News, Fair and Balanced Hurricane Coverage.” Yeah, we don’t want to be prejudiced against an ACT OF NATURE! I like Fox news, more than the other news channels, but come on.

I wanted to buy the refurbished 10GB ipod on the Apple Online Store. It was only $169, which is $230 less than when new. But, I hesitated and they got sold out. So I was waiting for some more to come in, and I was going to order one ASAP along with a $51 airport card, at $28 off. It sold out too. So I was considering, since I have an MBNA rebate that expires on 9/28 that I would buy the 15GB which is the newer model, but costs a whopping $279. Hey, I get $25 off though, and its a 15 and the newer model. It sold out too. So, just to put a final test to my powers, I am going to publicly announce right now, that unless one of my previous goal models becomes available by 9/28, I will buy the 20GB previous model for $269. Now, lets see how many hours until it sells out.

Have you heard about them wanting to crash Galileo into Jupiter? Well, they do, it’s almost out of fuel and to prevent the slim chance that stowaway microbes may inhabit Europa, NASA plans to turn Galileo into Jupiter and let it burn up on entry. Thats crazy enough, I mean what are the chances of microbes surviving 14 years in space, and then making it to Europa. It gets better though. A group believes that since Galileo is Plutonium powered, the heat of entering Jupiter’s atmosphere will set off an atomic explosion. Then, since Jupiter is mostly hydrogen, it will go into nuclear fusion, creating a new star, or simply exploding.


Heres why:

  1. The plutonium of Galileo is the wrong isotope, it is incapable of fission.
  2. The arrangement of the Pu on Galileo is wrong. It is in linear tubes, and would need to be in a sphere to enter fission.
  3. The hydrogen on Jupiter is the wrong isotope. For fusion to take place, you need Deuterium or Tritium (hydrogen with 1 or 2 neutrons, regular hydrogen has 0).
  4. To maintain fusion, you need “critical mass”. Jupiter is WAY under critical mass, which means the heat from any fusion that takes place would push away all the other hydrogen, stopping the reaction.

And there were a few more. A better description is available here. I just found it amusing.

What else.

My cousin Tim is in town. Arrived Thursday, leaves Monday. Came for his parents surprise party.

I think thats it. I’ve been writing crap for 3 days, and see I have quite a buildup. I can’t think of much else to add, so I guess I just need to post it all. If I try this again, I will need to work on organization though, because its just kinda here-and-there.

Ok, ttyl,

Every cloud has a silver lining,
And each year millions die of lightning strikes trying to reach it.