What Colors?

OK, so I tried posting a poll123.com Poll here, and it wouldn’t work, so I will have to stick with the old way.


Old Style (Blue and White)

New Style (Red and Grey)

Newer Style (leave a preference)

OK, folks, have at it.

Favorite Year? (Edited)

If you could live in any year of your life, what would it be? Must have been a time since your birth 1900, and yes you stay as old as you are now.

I would choose early 94 probably. Is a good year of the early/mid 90s (fun era). Music was cool, Nirvana and Green Day were just starting out, no boy bands (except New Kids) or reality TV yet, computers were cool, even if they did max at 50MHz, and gas was uber cheaper. TV was good too, Discovery and TLC actually had educational stuff on. Ooh, and those cool slap on bracelets that slit your wrists open weren’t banned yet! OOOH! And Apple’s stock price was only about $16, compared to today’s high of $89.08 with 2 splits since (a $1000 investment then would be worth around $22,500 today)!