So, what’s new? Nothing really. Spent time with Jenn, home in the yard, nothing real big though. Jenn goes for her physical tomorrow at Spectrum. We were going to go to the tulip festival in Holland too, but decided no.

After looking at what we will have to get, pay for, and when she will start work and get first check, we realized we will be very poor for the entirety of May, but situation should improve in June. Sadly, it means a very low chance of camping any time soon, which is related to the no tulip fest mentioned above.

Of course, I am looking for a job too. I think progress on that won’t really pick up until after we are moved. Car insurance, credit card, and car work all take money, and I need a source of some.

I began posting pics on Picasa. I can post higher quality and don’t need to pay for bandwidth or storage. I wouldn’t mind leaving on site if they were viewed regularly, but they just aren’t. It’s only like $3 a year, but still. Also, the ads will likely be gone soon, as it would take about 20 years for me to get up to the $100 needed for Google to send a check.

I went to Delta yesterday, which kind of made me upset because I had rather well convinced myself as I left 2 weeks ago that I would never be there again, not that I did or didn’t want that. Anyway, I was emailed by my counselor that I may need to bring in copies of a few things to get my degree through. So I go out there, go into Records, and they tell me my degree had posted as of about 10 that morning, an hour before I was emailed that it might not go through. There was a point to this paragraph about having to go back after thinking I never had to go back and then having not actually needed to go back, but it was lost. Instead, we will say the point is I do have my degree, on my transcript anyway.


Not as much progress packing as I should be making, though I really don’t have all that much. Jenn is finally packing now, and making somewhat decent progress.

Santa Rosa was launched by Intel today, which means laptop upgrades everywhere. Faster processors, flash-RAM assisted booting, 802.11n standard, and thank god, a replacement to the GMA-950. There are something like 400 new notebooks planned to be released within the next few weeks. Sadly, new MacBook(Pro)s will likely be included in that, with faster booting, better graphics, and more fun-ness. I say sad because I have about a 5% chance of a new computer by year end, with the chance before school starts being less than 1%. The only way I see it happening is if I get a REALLY well paying job, and MTP was as close as I have ever had to that. Then again, maybe it just seemed well paying because I didn’t have so many expenses.

What else…

Apparently I passed 125,000 words a while back. I missed that somehow.

The 4th year of blogging begins soon. Anniversary is May 27th. Then I can add a 4 years back to the sidebar. Seriously, how many people have been blogging for 4 years?

Both counters combined, I am at 12243 visits total.

I need a new poll huh? I just don’t know what to ask really. That will be another loss, I think having the same IP, it won’t let me and Jenn both vote. I will need to mention in a post and give Jenn the poll vote I suppose.

I wonder how long this is? I realize it’s not the 1071 words, but is getting up there. Hmm, only 642 so far (at period of last sentence). I kind of wanted to break record, but I’m not sure I can do 500 more words.

I sent out an email a few days ago with my new address on it, if you didn’t receive it and would like it, let me know.

OK, I think I will leave it off here. See you all later.


Comments 2

So I have been working on trying to reformat the old comments, but it is not looking well. I am nearing the point of giving up and just entering them manually, as it may be easier.

I found the website InterFacelift the other day. Not only does it have a massive selection of pretty good desktops, themes, and custom icons, but the desktops are available in widescreen formats, all the way up to the size of Apple’s 30″ display. I am pretty impressed.

Finally, I am posting this from a new Dashboard widget I downloaded about an hour ago. I am hoping perhaps this will help me post small updates more often. My only current gripe is there is no abstract section in it. Maybe a future update.


More Updates

I made a lot of updates to the website. First, was the addition of a poll in the blog sidebar, though I may be swapping that out for a better one soon. Next, was the addition of links in the blog sidebar to the gallery and homepage. These were both by request. Then I got into the bigger stuff though, and added a header to all the site pages and changed the sidebars to only show links within the section, rather than a dauntingly long list of links you didn’t much care about. So now section links are on top, and inter-section links on side.

Also, I added all-new galleries, as well as finally getting my resume up, a to-do list, and more. There is a list of updates on the front page too. You can keep track of what I am working on on the to-do if you like, or email me with anything you want added, or just IM me.

Anyway, something else…

I finished a work-unit in folding@home finally. I got 138 points for it too. Hopefully I get smaller ones for a while now.

Jenn got me a cellphone, cause working at Covenant gets her a good deal on an add-a-phone.

OK, I think that’s all for today, probably bored you more than enough with an all-tech update.



Homework, Yuk

So, I am sitting here, almost done with homework, and it’s only been about 5 hours. Yuk. I need to start keeping up with it better I think.

I mowed the lawn today, and yesterday Jenn and I tried going to the Columbus Avenue Day thing, but missed it by 90 min. It probably wasn’t all that anyway. We considered going to Caro for the Tuscola County Pumpkin Fest. They were making a 16 ft pumpkin pie, the world record. We decided it was too far of a drive though, so made ham, sweet potatoes, and stuffing. Friday, I had to go in for a Man. Proc. test. And Thursday was normal school, except no Man. Proc. class.

I was flipping through today and saw that the new season of This Old House has started. I am very happy about this. I have been waiting over a month for it. Yay!

I started playing with making a new template for WP. It will be a few weeks still though. By the time I get it figured out though, I will know some more PHP and will be able to make some small changes around the rest of the site.

Speaking of the site, I have pics of our most recent camping trip up now in the gallery.

I think that’s everything. I must say, I thought it would be nice to not need to blog every 3 days, but all day yesterday I felt like I had to. Maybe I will get used to it, or maybe I will go back. We will see.

Like a Phoenix, rising from the asses.