Very Merry Happy Christmahanukwanzakuh!

So, lets recap what you all missed.

Saturday Scott, Chris, Shelby, some guy, and I went to Genji in Midland. I had the Chicken and Shrimp, and Scott and I split a sushi appetizer, and I had some of his sake too. We shall return for lunch next week we think, when prices are lower.

Though still unofficial, I know a bit more about my grades. I managed well enough on my math test to get a 93.2%, for my 3rd A this semester. I also got a 100 on my manufacturing project, for a 93.8 in there. However, even though being over 93% should give me an A, I reviewed the syllabus for the class and the professor apparently has a non-standard grading scale, and requires a 95% for an A. So, I end up with A, A, A, A-, and a 3.93 overall. That means I get Vice Presidents list. I should have 4 As though, and have complained to her and the college for a standardized grade scale.

I worked today, and it was not good. Boring, and repetitive. Sweep around the machine, wipe down the machine, go to next one. Then, when you get all the empty machines done, pretend your doing something so the members who pay your salary don’t get upset, and wait for them to get off the machines you haven’t cleaned yet. After that, mop the floor, and go on to the next room and do the same thing. Repeat that every day. Yeah, fun. I am looking into other options. Good news is they are all scheduled through the end of the year, so don’t need me to come be insanely bored there this month, just come be trained today.

And Christmas. There was word my Uncle Steve might come in, but apparently not. Jenn wants me to go home with her, but I need to be at Grandparents around 3 on Christmas Day, so trying to schedule both in. We think it’s doable though.

BTW, Old Great Wall is open Christmas Day. If anyone’s dinner turns out not-great.

Yeah, so have a very merry happy Christmahanukwanzakuh if I don’t see you before your respective holiday.

And So This is Christmas

So Jenn and I went to Alpena Thursday night. We stopped at Pizza Hut in Tawas for dinner, and talked to her parents for a while after getting there fairly late. Friday we went to see her best friend Gwen then to her Grandma’s house and I met her Dad’s side of the family. We spent a few hours there, then went to see her former fellow employees at Staples. On Sunday, we had a big breakfast, then opened gifts. Following all the gift exchanging we had Christmas dinner of ham, roast beef, potatoes, carrots, rolls, and sweet potatoes. We left for home a little after, and visited my grandparents for a while after returning.

A note on the trip though, pertaining to air beds. Thursday I fell asleep on an air bed, and by 3 woke up on the floor. After a few minutes of trying to re-inflate, I just went to sleep. After 3 patches throughout Friday, I managed (I thought) to fix the 1/2″ separation in the seam. But no, each time I awoke through Friday night I was slightly lower. So for all those interested in an air bad, make sure you carry patch kits and duct tape.

So, gifts I gave to people…

For my Mom, I got a telescoping snow brush. Her truck is big, and her old brush wasn’t cutting it.
For my Brother, a pair of pretty cool wire strippers. Insert any wire (10 to 22 gauge) and squeeze. Easy as that.
For my Dad, a TracFone card.
And for Jenn, a very nice pearl and sapphire ring.

I also went along with Jenn for gifts for her parents, sister, and my grandma.

Gifts I received…

A new Dockers coat and matching gloves from Mom.
A Keyspan Media Remote, ThinkGeek Pi shirt, set of coasters, and grooming set from Jenn.
A Belkin USB light and a pair of flannel pants from Dad.
A pair or divided pans from Jenn’s sister.
A giant can of Kool-aid, Cashews, and War and Peace (the book) from Jenn’s mom.
A sleeping bag and cash from my grandparents.
and some more cash from my Uncle Mike.

I think Chris is getting me something, an I will likely be getting a Hess truck from my Uncle Steve, as I have for 15+ years, and I haven’t yet actually given my dad his gift yet.

So thats about it. Guess I will be back on Wednesday.


General Congratulatory Remarks Toward Your Respective Nondenominational Winter Holliday!

So lets see…

We did our Chinese today. It was good. Nice to see Scott and Sarah. We even got gifts from the restaurant. A nice bamboo type wall calendar.

Jenn and I exchanged gifts on Saturday. I received the ThinkGeek Pi t-shirt, a grooming kit, a set of coasters, and a Keyspan Media Remote for my computer. She received a pearl and sapphire ring from Zales. We exchanged early so she could show it off before we left for Christmas to Alpena, since when we get back it needs to be resized, which takes about 2 weeks. Had I known that I would have given it to her earlier, but I just found out on Saturday morning.


Well, as I hinted, I will be in Alpena for Christmas. We are leaving either Thursday or Friday, and will be back Saturday evening or Sunday, depending on weather.

I think thats it. Guess I will see you all Thursday.


If I had a nickel for every time I needed a nickel, I wouldn’t need a nickel anymore.

Number 75

Well, this is my 75th post to the blog. Monday will be the 76th, and last of 2003, followed by Thursday with the 77th and first of 2004. 100th post should be on Thursday, March 9th, 2004, in case you wondered.

Christmas was nice. Christmas Eve I went to Grandparents and saw dad and Mr. “In the Army Now”, my cousin Matt. Christmas Day I stayed home, My Aunt and Uncle came by, and Suchyta did later in the night too. All together, $200 cash, $25 gift card to Meijer, and a pair of satin/silk like pants. Pretty good all-in-all, and there is some stuff in the mail still too.

I saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen last night, and it wasn’t real great. Brother was talking through 50% of it though because he’d already seen it, so I missed alot. Will likely watch again.

I am looking for a storage rack that will hold slim jewel cases and Zip disks. My problem is slim cases aren’t quite 1/2 the width of a regular case, so I can’t just slide two in every slot. If you know of one, let me know. Actually, I am looking for a desk too. I need more $$$.

I was searching for “Metric Shitload” online, wondering how many english shitloads were in the metric variety, and came across Urban Dictionary. It’s a site with definitions of slang terms, and you can even submit new words. So, of course, I submitted my word, hoojibob.

Ok, I am going to read my book. I will see you for number 76 on Monday.


You only need 2 tools, Duck Tape and WD40.
If it doesn’t stick and should, Duck Tape,
If it sticks and shouldn’t, WD40.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all. Since my next update isn’t until Friday, I wanted to say that now.

Major updates to the website. I added 6 new pages and modified all the others. I have finally figured out how to do the sidebar in JavaScript, so now I can just update the script that prints the sidebar in a single file, rather than make whatever change on every page. The new pages are Annoying JS, Legal, and Short Stories (which is more of a section). I expect to make more updates before my vacation ends.

I have begun reading The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick. Good book, hope to have it done before break ends too.

Still haven’t seen LOTR:ROTK yet. Should within about a week, hopefully this weekend maybe.

Today is Jason’s Birthday, so happy 21st to him.

Grades for Delta will be posted on myDelta tomorrow, so any of you who care, now you know.

And I don’t know what else. I have been kinda busy with website, so didn’t put much thought into this blog entry. I do have a kinda special edition for next time, but might be put off till next Monday. We will see.

I hope to see some of you that were away to CMU, NMU, GVSU, etc… before vacation ends. So email me, IM me, call me, whatever.

And I guess thats it.

Til Friday,
Merry Christmas,

If you can’t beat’em,
Beat’em up.