Life sucks. You can never do anything up to anyone else’s standards, but if you quit trying you just get it worse. You can do anything and everything they want, and even more, but they can always find a fault. It’s useless to clean your room, because the door is closed, so who notices, even if it took all day. And if they tell you “dont worry about the …”, that better be the first thing you do, or you better stay far from it. Depends on their mood, and you’re a mind reader to know, because you’re “perfect like them”.

Sorry, bad day, well, bad 15 minutes, but enough crap for about a week.

This is number 25, might be a milestone or something. Don’t seem to do well at those though, so we will forgo anything special.

Working on getting bedroom in order, now that all the little people are gone. Have been trying to do this since we moved in in what, april? Good luck, huh… Not going too bad really. Just need to press on I guess.

Ok, you all go enjoy your busy little lives, with your happy little families. I’ll just sit here in hell and wait to die. Don’t mind me, I can take it, I hope.

Horribly depressed,

Don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth.
It’s senseless, you’ll never tenderize that thing.

24 (late)

It’s the first time, but I did it.

I’m late.

Technically not though. I generally post a day late, but only by like an hour, not 23. Oh well.

My allergies were REALLY bad last night, went to bed early.

I did see Bad Boys 2 last night though. REALLY good movie. Definitely see this in the theater, don’t wait for the DVD (If your waiting for the VHS, I will kick you, no, really). You don’t need to have seen the first one, but it was a good movie so see it anyway, got to help a little.

So I hurt my back, and hit my shin with a sledge hammer, well now I whacked my knee getting out of the shower. Dislodged my knee cap or something. I suck.

Finally got CATV and Ethernet upstairs. My TV cable was kinked though, and the reception is suffering. Am going to check the connections, try our amplifier first, but will probably need to re-run the cable.

Downloaded Konfabulator and CandyBar, Both really cool. Konfabulator puts Java widgets on your desktop. You can choose from 1100 pre-made or make your own, anything from weather to calendars and mp3 controls to system uptime monitors (at 3 days, 10 hours and 29 minutes now). CandyBar replaces all the finder icons system wide. Folders, disks, the trash, network files, audio files, movies, toolbar icons, all of it. Konfabulator is free, though they do ask for a donation. CandyBar is $12 something shareware, free for like 2 weeks.

My cousins and everyone is gone now, (woohoo). My other uncle is supposed to be in town in a couple weeks for his high school reunion. Haven’t seen him in 7 years, since our first year on Wagner.

BTW, my birthday is September 8, just 36 days away (HINT HINT). I will be 21 and no, I will not buy you alcohol (without a bribe anyway HINT HINT).

Well thats all for now. Back to normal schedule, as if I hadn’t missed.
Number 25 on Tuesday


“I see fraged people”


I dont want to do this, I want to go, but you are making me do this, so I am going to do it poorly.

I want to move the blog. Nothing wrong with it, I just think I am going to try and put on Apple’s server. Something like That way it would be with my website, and I could move to movable-type maybe, for more features. I don’t know.

Just a few more days and the boys will be gone. Thank god.

I hurt. Hurt back BAD yesterday. Lidocaine patch and a soma later at least I was asleep and couldn’t tell I hurt. Definitely hurts again though. Then today I missed and whacked my shin with a 5 lb. sledge.

Saw DareDevil. Pissed me off, but a good movie. Won’t give anything away.

Got my T-shirts in. Want to see them you got to ask, I don’t want to explain. Anyway though, I bought one on ebay, and she had a second that hadn’t sold, so shipped to me. Cool.

Ok, off to lay down because I hurt. LAUREN, I NEED A MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!


remember: it takes 3 lefties to make a righty, or something like that


Well, I guess I can tell you all now…

But I will wait, for the hell of it.

So what is there…
We went to Tawas today with DJ and Pat. Showed them all the stuff on the way. Water intake in northern Arenac County, Alabaster where the gypsum is mined, Omer. You know, all the good stuff.

Ok, now I’ll tell you.
My mom went to the casino Tuesday night and was playing $.50 machines, but started running low. So she moves to $.25 machines. She’s playing one, and sticks a few quarters in the machine next to her. Ching, ching, ching – Jackpot.
A 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertable LX, $26,500. her cost, $.50 and $1,700 in taxes.
So there you go. It’s a beautiful car, that’s what we took to Tawas today.

Ok, not much else, can’t even think of a decent quote to end with.

See you all later, Wednesday…


Ah, another day, another blog. Seems so soon. Not that I don’t want to write this, but that I don’t have much to write.

Uhm, nope. Can’t think of anything.

Nothing really big has happened.

This is Blog post number 21.

Being the 25th, I have had my ibook for 227 days.

I am staring at the Kung-Log window. Its more transparent than most. I can see the ichat window behind it just faintly. Can make out my buddy icon, the message bubbles, some text. Here, I will post out of boredom.

Uhm, anyone know how to insert a pic in Kung-Log?…


That Upload file thing doesn’t seem to work…

Well, I can put on website I guess.

Here, try this desktop.

That should work, I hope.

Poison from the album “Trash” by Alice Cooper

Wanted to try that.

Ok, guess thats it.

Number 22 will be your way on, Sunday. Be there or don’t, like I give a shit. (I really do care though, don’t make my cry)


“But I am the Network Administrator!”


Ok, back to Kung-Log due to the unfortunate and disgruntling happenings a few days ago.

Something very big happened last night. I can say what here because we don’t want some people who may read this to know, but if you do know, then there you go. I don’t know, nevermind.

My cousins are, uhm, interesting. They mostly just play PS2 or watch TV, but they are mostly cool. They can get annoying, a bit clingy. They don’t get my jokes either. I probably should watch what I say around them better too. I mean, they are 12 and 13, I don’t want to scar their fragile little minds. Oh well.

Hey, I just noticed if I spell Kung-Log properly, with the hyphen, it says the spelling is ok, cool.

I was right on the Linksys, having a wifi router makes me want the airport card even more. Too many other things that I need though, before I can get into buying more wants.

My brother found his keys. Not sure if I mentioned they were missing. I did in the first version of the last post, but don’t know if it made it in the one that got posted though.

I realized that puberty killed my creativity. I used to be able to write those crazy stories in seventh grade, but not anymore. They start to get these weird sexual references and situations, and I just get pissed. My damn brain is screwed up. You ever think about your brain? Its weird. All we are is brains, the rest is just support. For mating, and feeding, and that kind of stuff. Freaky.

I am going to try posting more, whenever something happens, or I think about something cool. I also think that I am going to get rid of the counter. Its just too disappointing to see that nobody comes to the blog. I know Scott and Jason do, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone else. Oh well, one day, one day you all will see. My Blog will be visited regularly by teens of people and you will be sorry because you could have been here from the start, but no, you had better things to do. YOU’RE BASTARDS, HEAR ME? BASTARDS! Sorry, a little too emotional there.


one cockatoo, two cockafour

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just sat here writing for 20 minutes, and POOF!

Its gone!!

Here’s the just of it, because I’m lazy:

1) Why am I still Up?

2) Got a wifi AP, if you want to try it let me know, as I have no 802.11b card to try it with. Try, 5 on west side, 1 on east side.

3) Uncle leaves in about an hour, leaving kids for 2 weeks. Hope Danielle comes with him to pick boys up, would like to see her. They want me to go with in 2 weeks, I dont want to, variety of reasons.

4) Apple edu discounts, BIG price drops.


And thats about where it all disappeared, page reloaded and form was blank. Yeah, that was in there too, am on blogger form because I was too lazy to open KungLog. That will show me, huh.

Ok, thats all. I don’t feel bad about leaving a small post, because this is just a boredom update. Do feel bad about losing the post, as it was pretty good. See you Monday night.



Well, Im sitting here waiting for my uncle and his family to come in. I had to clean my room today in preparation for their visit (aka unpack, finally) and found a bunch of stuff for the website, so hopefully I can get that up soon.

MacWorld has come and gone with little hoopla. This was likely the least exciting MacWorld since I started following them. We could have at least gotten the new monitors or keyboards/mice for the G5s, might have boosted sales. We did get the new G5 commercial though, which is on CNN and CNBC every 15 minutes, or on apples website if you prefer.

Still using KungLog, though I’m not completely sure why. Funny note, the spell checker thinks KungLog is spelled wrong, hah. Anyway though, maybe I will start using all these special features, maybe I will go back to just the web form, I don’t know yet.

I need to make it to BestBuy tomorrow, while the Linksys Wireless AP/4 port Router is still $59.99. Even if I get it though, its only as good as our current router till I get the AirPort card for my laptop. I’ll let you know next post.

Ok, they should be here soon, will try for a second update later tonight. If not, see you all on Monday!


untitled ranting, because I cant think of one

Hello all, and welcome to another update. This is my first post EVER to be made from KungLog rather than Bloggers HTML form. We will see how it works, and go from there.

I never worked on the website this weekend, and my Uncle Steve, Aunt Donna, and cousins DJ and Pat will be here this weekend, and the two boys will be staying for 2 weeks. We’ll see how much time I have to work, who knows.

I just spent the day drilling holes for Cat5 ethernet cable through the house. Funny, because in the next day or two I should be going to BestBuy to buy a wireless router. No matter, wireless will be convenient on my ibook, but is only 12 MB/s, compared to the 100MB/s I get from ethernet. Though, if I want speed, I can turn on IP over FireWire, for 400MB/s (those are all MegaBits per second by the way, divide by 8 for MegaBytes). Oh well, run the cables tomorrow, along with telephone and CATV up to my room. Its like I’m finally moving in, after a mere 3 months. Still have alot to unpack though.

What else… Oh, sorry about that little “blurb” last time, I don’t know what happened to me. To prevent it from happening again though, I will be adding a “For Sale” section to the webpage (yeah right, like I’ll ever get to it). But seriously, BUY MY STUFF!

Wow, good way into my post already and haven’t yet used any of the special features in KungLog. I feel bad about it. Supposed to make it easier to do bold, italic, change sizes, insert images, etc… but I don’t actually do any of that. A link now and then, but I am at a month and a half on posts with only 2 links so far, and one didn’t work so only I know where it is. Tell you what though, if you can find that first broken link, I will give you a prize. I will give you a 2 day, all exclusive (that means nothing is included, part of joke, nevermind, you missed it) trip to beautiful Omer, Michigan. Thats right, I will allow you to drive your own ass up to Omer, do whatever you want, then drive home. You can stare at the river, stare at the bar, whatever, its all up to you. No, nevermind, not in a giving mood anymore. Oh well.

Wait, where am I, damn it, I went rambling again, need to stop that.
Ok, I seem to be tired or something. Besides, drilling those holes in the walls, I’m covered in drywall and plaster dust, so I need a shower. Next update is friday, see you then.


Resistance is Futile
(where r < 1ohm)

The "Salesman" Trance

Another day, another blog.

I got the letter from Delta a few days ago saying that I was approved for my degree, so just a week or two and I should have it.

My brothers birthday was “uneventful”. He has apparently learned that at a point they don’t really matter anymore. Oh well, it happens to us all.

NEW!!! the “I need to sell my crap” section!!!

Powerbook 5300c
100MHz 603e
1.1GB Hard Disk
Sony CD-ROM DiskMan 2x CD-ROM
spare battery
Targus leather case
28.8 pc card modem
$200 o.b.o.

Apple Color StyleWriter 2400
300 d.p.i.
apple serial port
$35 o.b.o.

Palm m125
33MHz Motorola Dragonball processor
8MB internal RAM
Palm OS 4.0
SD/MMC slot
16MB Panasonic SD Card
USB Sync Cradle
$125 o.b.o.


SCSI CD-ROMs, SCSI CDRWs, USB CDRWs, USB Scanners, USB Printers, ADB Keyboards, ADB Mice, more, more, more!!!

If you need something, want something, or are just curious, just ask. Make an offer, sale or trade. I gladly accept cash, checks, airport cards, wireless routers, etc…

Ok, now that thats over…

It’s the weekend and that means I need to get more work on the webpage done. Probably go for more pictures or something, maybe PDFs of old school reports I liked. Who knows, we’ll see.

When Panther comes out, I am going to the Apple Store in Troy. If you would like to come, let me know. If nothing else, maybe we can run out on the highway and take pictures in front of the exit sign (Exit 69, Big Beaver Rd.). If anyone would prefer to go to the Novi store, I don’t mind as I haven’t been there yet, so up for something new, but I don’t know how to get there so you would need to drive. The Troy store is a no-brainer to get to, part of why I like it. And in case you don’t know, Panther is Mac OS X 10.3, which should be out in late 2003.

Ok, enough for now. I will see you on, uhm, Tuesday, yeah, yeah Tuesday.