Woods Runner

Ok, so this guy is running through the woods, and he hears this noise, and he’s like “Who’s there?”, but nobody answers, so he keeps running, and running, and theres more noises, and he runs faster, and there coming nearer, AHHHHHHHHHHH!

So he trips, right. And the thing comes up to him, and suddenly all the trees are gone, and theres this big clearing, and he’s bleeding and shit, and all scraped up from the branches, and can barely make out his pursuer, and then he realizes its a snake! Not just any snake, but a big cobra, then BOOM! Theres GI Joe, and they kill the evil cobra, and the guys all like “Yea, woohoo!”, and then GI Joe’s like “No problem”, and the dudes like “I didn’t know you guys were even real, I must be dreaming, your really here?” and the GI Joes are like, “Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle”, and so the guys like “Hah, you always say that, can’t you come up with something new?” and GI Joe is like, “Hey, we could just leave you here, to die or something”, and so the dude apologizes, and gets a ride home in this wicked helicopter.