the Sock

Hi, I’m Nate Smith and on 12-9-84, a washer ate my sock. Here is my story.

You know how sometimes you put your sock in the hamper and it doesn’t come back, well it happened to me. I kicked that dryer so hard that, that, well it was my favorite sock and I was very mad. Anyway, I kicked and jumped and screamed but it wouldn’t give back the sock. But if you think I was mad you should have seen my mom, I was mutilating her washer! So after a long tantrum I was locked in my bedroom. I slammed on the door and pounded and stomped but no one listened so I gave up and went to bed.

After a while I woke up and begin screaming. In my mother’s eyes, it was from missing my sock so she made my dad disassemble the dryer (like I hadn’t kicked it apart already) but it was to no use, it wasn’t in there. In the long run my dog found the sock. It seems the sock went through the dryer vent, was blown away by the wind, found by a stray dog brought to my dog as some kind of a gift, and then he brought it in. And all this happened in the three hours that I was asleep. But either way, I had just destroyed my mother’s dryer for nothing.

I was overjoyed, I had my sock. Now the problem was, I was still crying. My mom took me to a doctor. He asked what had happened, then he asked me if my foot hurt. Now it had completely slipped my parents mind to ask me this, but the answer was yes, of course. So the doctor took an X-ray of my foot and found it was broken, everywhere, from kicking the dryer. I had broken every bone in both my foot and ankle. So they put on a cast and, of course, took of my sock first. But they didn’t know where they put the two socks. The doctors had lost both of my socks. Even the dryer had only lost one.

On May eleventh, nineteen eighty five, Nate Smith was committed to Genesee Valley Regional Psycho Center.

His socks have never been found.