Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time there was a girl who was hideously ugly. She had more hair growing from her nose than on her scalp. Her parents kept her locked up in the basement and no one in town knew she even existed. One day she snuck out and went up the mountain outside town, upon which the most handsome man in the country lived. The girl, named Bertha, hoped to be able to see him. No one had ever seen him in person, though some had seen pictures and all had heard rumors. So Bertha knocked on the door, and when the butler came she asked to see Herbert. Without looking at her the butler said to go away and closed the door. She knocked again and now the butler looked at her and fainted at the hideousness of her face. She stepped over him and entered the castle to look for the man. After several hours of looking she gave up and went home.

The next day she returned to find Herbert. She looked for eight hours and told herself one more room. When she entered the room she finally found Herbert, who asked her name and began yelling at her for literally scaring his butler to death. She began crying and ran home. She didn’t even think about the castle or Herbert for three weeks and her parents didn’t find out she had been gone. Then Herbert came into the town and began asking for her. No one could tell him where she was because no one had ever heard of her. He finally found her parents and asked them, and they said that they didn’t know who she was either.

So he went back up to his castle and lived on until he was dead without a butler or anyone else in his life. Meanwhile Bertha’s parents went into the basement and killed their daughter for sneaking out.

The End