Second Try

I want to start out by pointing out to the many of you that are reading this on Facebook that I don’t post these as Notes, but as blog posts at  Thought you might want to check it out some time.

Second up, I have another interview, August 6th.  This job is in Pittsburgh as well, as is it with a nuclear power engineering company.  Hopefully it goes well.  I fly out on the 5th, stay the night in a hotel nearby, then interview most of Thursday, flying home in the evening.

My uncle and family are in Bay City visiting, so will be heading there this weekend, then packing the first couple days of the week, then the interview, then Jenn’s bridal shower next weekend, then more packing until Wednesday the 12th when we move.  Looking like a busy few weeks.

Where we are moving we still don’t know.  We just know our lease ends on the 15th, so we need to be out.  We are looking at some furnished cabins for a couple weeks, until I know how the interview went.  After that, either we are off to Pittsburgh or Jenn signs up for travel nursing and we go do that for a while.

Wedding invitation should be out soon.  We have them all printed and are in the process of assembling them.

That covers al that I wanted to say, I believe.  Will let everyone know how the interview went either the night of the 6th or on the 7th.

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