What an Education Costs

So, I just added everything up, and here is what it took for me to get my education.

Total cost of classes: $24,491.53
Total cash paid: $2,236.90
Total loans: $12,879.00
Grants and Scholarships: $34,026.00

Which leaves me with a theoretical profit of $24,650.37.  That does not include books (I didn’t add up, but likely around $3000.00) or room and board or food.  According to Ferris’s math (which is the Dept. of Edu.’s math), Room and Board is about equal to course fees, so the total cost for everything would be around $50,000.  This explains the theoretical profit, which is meant to cover Room and Board.

All that considered, the theory goes that, I have 4 pieces of paper, 8.5″ x 11″, that are worth a combined $49,141.90.  Wonder what I can get for them on eBay?

My actual, out of pocket cost (gift aid minus fees, cash paid, and loans to repay) is only $5,581.43.  That is around a tenth of what most people pay, so I really can’t complain about the costs.

The bottom line:  That I actually figured all this out proves that I am, most certainly, an engineer.

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