Makin’ Beer

Well, I guess it’s about time to update.

Jenn and I went to Siciliano’s Market in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago.  HUGE selection of beers and wines, mead, and hard ciders.  We picked up a beer making kit, and today I am finally using it.  Fruits of my labor should be ready in about 4 weeks.

Fish are doing well, but it is horribly obvious that we need a bigger aquarium.  When we move.

Had a job interview with Uni-Solar on Wednesday.  Seemed to go well, said will let us know by Thanksgiving who gets a round two interview.

Found this new Google innovation: Google Goggles.  I know a few people who could possible use it.

School is going well so far, some more projects coming up, but wont be bad if I get on them early.

Thanksgiving plans are still unknown.  Should have them ironed out by end of the week though.

Thats all for now.  Know I forgot stuff and will have that later in the week.


One thought on “Makin’ Beer

  1. Mom says:

    We are hopping to see you on thanksgiving break sometime, dad said if i am having a dinner he would be attending. love & miss you …. mom

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