Busy Busy

You can always tell when mid semester has come. Reports are due, projects are due, you have tests in every class over a 2 week period, and it sometimes seems like none of you professors realize of care that you have 3 other classes. And, you stop updating your blog after being decent for a while. The good news is, it should die down in a week or so, at least a little bit.

So, 2.5 weeks ago…

Jenn and I went up to her Aunt’s wedding, was fairly good. Wedding in East Jordan, went to Gaylord to check into hotel and found a nail in Jenn’s tire, so watched that rest of weekend. Reception in Elmira just outside Gaylord, then hotel for night. Sunday morning we shopped around Gaylord with Jenn’s sister and had lunch at Gobbler’s. Place is similar to Turkey Roost, but more expensive and not as good, I was disappointed. Next, we headed to Lewiston for our “free” night at Garland. We got a room upgrade, and had to pay tax on the would-be value, but was still less than much crappier Baymont the night before. Pics of room are on Picassa. Monday we headed home through Greyling, we we tried to get tire fixed. They quoted up to an hour wait so we risked it and made it back in time for me to get to class with an hour to spare. Jenn took car in following day, and nail was broken off, just stuck in tread, no actual puncture.

Weekend of 11th was stay at home weekend. Did laundry which was a major project. Worked on quite a bit of homework as well. That Sunday we did our SME barbeque, but turnout was not what we expected. No juniors, no sophomores, no freshman, just a few of the seniors. Week was busy, report due and work on project.

This weekend went to Bay City Saturday, saw Mom and Dad and Grandma, nothing real exciting. Actually, there was, I took apart my Mom’s old swing which was rotten and falling apart using a sledgehammer. Was a little excessive force, but oh well. A wrench would have took less energy, but much more time. Sunday night we had an SME BBQ redux. Decided it should be a regular thing. Jenn was up in Alpena Saturday and Sunday, got back around 7pm. They threw a surprise party for her Dad’s birthday.

Last night, I was up till after 3 working on statistics project. Finally got it done, sleep for 4 hours, in to class. Everyone starts complaining about how they couldn’t finish and didn’t figure out this or that, so he moved it back to Thursday. Grrrr! On one hand, I worked ass off to finish, I should get credit for that. On the other hand, things were brought up that I can change in my report to make it a little better. Oh well.

Played some disc golf here and there, but not a lot. Between school and people going hunting on weekends, just hasn’t been the time. We did get to see part of a Pro Ace Race here on Sunday, but was kind of pathetic. We actually could have been contenders.

This Saturday is our SME skeet shoot. I am not shooting, but Jenn will be. I think I am photographer, but not sure. We are, unfortunately, unorganized. Sunday, I am hosting the weekly dinner, making a big pot of stew.

Over the coming weeks, when I have time, I plan on making Jenn and I’s wedding site, and making a site for our SME group. Will be a very part time thing.

Also, looking ahead, we will be heading up to Atlanta, MI for SnoDrift the last weekend of January, and possibly to Detroit for NAIAS around the same time.

In addition to the Garland pics I mentioned, I finally added the pics from the Ren Fair to picasa also.

I think, that wraps it up. As I said, should die down some and updates will come more regular again soon.


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