Not Much

Not alot has happened.  Went to school for a week, pulled an A on my MATL test, played some disc golf.  Went to a party last Thursday at Miles and Mike’s.  Then more school for a week, and a party at John and Frank’s.  Saturday we went to Bay City and saw my Mom and Dad, went to the Johnson’s Giant Pumpkins and the River of Time.  Had dinner at Famous Dave’s with Dad and Grandma then came home.

I got two new discs last week.  I actually do quite a bit better with them.  We were out discing one night and decided to play highland games with some logs, and ended up quite filthy from them.  Greg and I ended up tying though.  Neither of us could get the log to flip, just land and plop.

This weekend we are going up to East Jordan for Jenn’s Aunt’s wedding, and reception near Gaylord.

Uhm, think that is it.

More some other time.


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