April Oops Part Two

First, two corrections on the last post…

While in GR before Kalamazoo, Jenn and I also stopped off at the VW dealership, as Jenn was kind of looking for a new car.  Second, before my banquet, Jenn had spent Tuesday through Friday in Alpena, and came home just a few hours before the banquet.  This included driving through Grayling that was surrounded by forrest fires the day before, and she said was rather interesting.

Moving on, We come to the week of the 28th – 2nd.

Monday we met early to give a last big push on Amerikam, spending most of the day trying to get as much done as possible.  Tuesday was more of the same, concluding with me taking them to Staples for binding.  Wednesday we drove down to Amerikam and presented.  We were randomly chosen to be last, which kind of sucked.  The first 5 groups were grilled on errors in their paperwork and calculations.  By the time we were up, they had covered most of that, so lightened up on us.  We, however, had a very different process that we later would learn was closer to the one Amerkam actually used, so were grilled by the, up till then, quiet engineers that actually knew some about our machines.  Following our presentations, we had lunch, then Amerikam presented their actual process, and took us out to the floor to show us the machines.

As I hinted, our process was quite similar, and had we changed a few speeds and feeds our times and prices would easily have matched theirs.  Unfortunately, because our price was WAY lower than the rest, it stuck out and we lost, as we looked to have made a gross error, though they agreed we probably didn’t.

Wednesday I had an interview with Parker Hannifin, who happens to make brass parts, much like Amerikam.  I brought along a copy of my project and they ate it up, absolutely loved it.  They even gave me a plant tour and I found that our speed were right, and Amerikam was actually running slower than they could be.  They even use our second machine that Amerikam didn’t.  Sadly though, I learned Friday morning that I didn’t quite fit their needs.  I was really excited, and knew they loved me, but in the back of my mind kind of felt that they loved me for manufacturing, and were sadly hiring mechanical/drafting.  Oh well.

Thursday was no class, as the professors did not expect us to be sober enough.

The weekend I tried to recuperate from everything, and played a little more disk golf.

And that begins this week, which is yet another post.

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