Where Did That Week Go?

Seems like the week just flew by.

Tuesday night we had our bowling party, all but 5 people from the Mfg. Eng. program showed up, about 20 in all. Seemed like we were all having fun.

A lot of the week was working on Project X, the first of two big projects of the semester. I think most of next week will be the same.

I realized Thursday that Ferris doesn’t have my first degree from Delta on my transcript, and hence does not have my MACRAO stamp. That explains why my advisor didn’t notice it I guess. Am trying to get it sorted out before Fall reg. begins in about 3 weeks. I emailed transfer and reg offices, but both forwarded to a nonexistent email address.

Friday I went to El Burrito with the guys. Was somehow very blah. Dane and I were very not up for mexican, but we were pressured by Conrad. Will have to go somewhere different next week.

I applied to Oshkosh Truck yesterday. Hopefully I start hearing back form at least a few of these soon.

The bakery in Reed City, we found out this week, has pasties. Apparently they made them for years, then stopped for a few years, and just brought them back a few weeks ago. They were really good, crust was best I have ever had on one. I can’t say if they are better than Yooperville, definitely different though.

I think that wraps it up. Till eventually…


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