MacWorld ’08

First, my final class went well. As I said earlier, they all seem like will be interesting.

On to MacWorld though, as excited as I was, Apple crapped out again. They released the new MacBook Air, which is pretty cool, but is overpriced and underpowered for what I need. Looking back, last year was totally Mac-less, the year before was the introduction of the MacBook Pro and some iLife updates, 2005 was the MacMini and Pages, and 2004 was the iPod mini which turned out decent, and again iLife. What they all have in common, that I forget every year, is that they all kind of sucked. Maybe it’s just that I read the rumor sites and get higher expectations than I should.

As I said though, MacBook Air is decent, for the right person, just not for me. Sadly, the Dell XPS 1330 is closer, but is more expensive than a MacBook. Honestly, if Apple would release the MacBook in an aluminum case with an LED backlit screen, I would be happy, with no other changes form the current version. Of course, an upgrade to the new Penryn processors would be a nice additions, as well as maybe colored cases similar to the iPod nano. Probably wont see anything on the MacBook until April or so though.

Also released was a new wireless router with built in 500 GB or 1 TB hard disk for automatic backups (which I would like, but is out of my budget), and upgrades to the iPhone and Apple TV (free software updates), as well as iTunes movie rentals.

OK, enough boring you. Later.


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