I Don't Remember My Earliest Memory

Every now and then, I think back to different memories. Perhaps thinking about them helps me to remember them better, or not. In doing this I try and focus on what is the earliest memory I have, how far back can I go? Two of them are in the running.

One is late at night at my parents apartment on Farragut. I was up for some unknown reason and Johnny Carson was on. Thats really all I remember. My mom and dad were there, but I don’t remember any conversation. I actually remember a few things about the apartment, but none of them from that memory. I remember this step stool that looked like 2 huge blue shoes that was in front of the window so I could watch my grandma leave. I also remember this really weird green outdoor carpet that was in my play room. I remember my brothers crib and the light switch near it, but that may just be a created memory form people telling me that it was near the light switch. As I said though, those are separate memories than the Johnny Carson one.

The other possibility is being in my Grandma’s backyard on my swing-set singing “the weed whacker song” (more on that later). I had peanuts form St. Laurent Bros. that I was eating and would throw for the squirrels now and then. I remember hearing news about my brother in the hospital, but am not 100% sure what for. I think it was the day he was born, or have for a few years. Truth is though, he could have been getting tubes in his ears or his tonsils out though. I am rather sure that I did not live at my grandma’s though. The bad part is the only person who was there that could have confirmed what was going on would be my Grandma. Honestly, even if it was his birth, I wouldn’t be able to say if it was before the Johnny Carson memory or not.

As for “the weed whacker song”, I would sing it when I was on the swing, and it consisted solely of the word “weedwhacker” over and over again. OK, so I wasn’t real creative musically as a child, I’m still not.

Anyway, those are my earliest memories, I think. If it was my brothers birth, I was not quite 3 (2 years 10 months 1 day, 1035 days old). If not, I was still under five. If I remember to ask my mom when we moved, that will give me a better idea maybe.

Ok, that’s all for now.


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