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Tuesday after class Jenn and I went to Grand Rapids and got new cell phones. Our contract with Sprint had expired and with AT&T buying Cellular One, they should have the best coverage in the state around Christmas. Plus, rollover is pretty darn cool. Our numbers did not change, and you shouldn’t notice any difference, although I need to dial 989 to call people now. We both got RAZR v3xx, mine grey and hers red. I managed to get mine to mostly sync over USB while Jenn’s is syncing better over bluetooth. I needed a plugin to get it working, though Leopard is supposed to have native support when it comes out tomorrow, but it won’t run on my computer. Oh well.

The tree line is pretty well bare now, and with no leaves you can hear the river now. It’s kind of weird, having not heard it before being a good 100 yards away and the leaves insulating the noise since we moved in. At the same time, it would have been cool to hear while sitting outside over summer, rather than only hearing at night when it’s quiet now, and 20 degrees out.

Speaking of weather, low 28 Sunday night, and the dirty 4 letter S word was mentioned on the news (“I’ll take Swords for $400 Alex”, lol, hah!).

OK, when i start doing that, it means nothing else good.


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