Mmm, Mexican

Jenn and I went to El Burrito for dinner tonight. I really wanted chicken burrito with green sauce, but it wasn’t on the menu, so I went for a chicken chimichanga, which was quite good. Jenn and I also split a 46 oz raspberry margarita, which was also quite good.

You may notice in the left sidebar a section labeled Tags. New to WordPress 2.3, they are similar to categories, but a little more detailed. I added tags to most posts for the last 3 months, so some are showing up now. I had a problem with going through, that I would use a tag then never use it again and a few other issues. I think I am going to write down 50 or so tags, and try and stick to those. The big problem, obviously, is there are now 496 untagged posts. This sounds way to much like my fun with categories, but I only had to do about 350 of those. The other issue I have, is the tags will be very similar to the abstracts I write for every post. This means for every new post I will need a title, the post, an abstract, categories, and tags. It almost sounds like work. I will figure something out I guess.

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