The Wedding

So, after I got out of class Friday (that was just class, nothing great, though we joked a lot, was kind of fun) I came home and Jenn and I packed quickly to leave. We got on the road, and arrived in Auburn around 5:00. Having an hour until rehearsal, we continued on to Bay City, getting to the mall at 5:25, leaving us 10 minutes to get my tux and her to find shoes. Fifteen minutes later, I had my tux (like we would make it on time) and had tried it on, and headed out to Auburn again. Rehearsal went well, about an hour or so. We were certainly not the only ones late so that was OK. Most everyone else went to the hall to setup, but I was excused to go out for my birthday. Before we left, I received my wedding party gift, an engraved beer mug from Things Remembered, the rest received theirs at the hall, the girls got wine goblets. So, Jenn and I went to Famous Dave’s. I called my mom, brother, and dad, but they had already eaten. We enjoyed our dinner, then headed to our hotel (the Quality Inn downtown Bay City, used to be Holiday Inn). Once there, after our stomachs settled, we got bored and went out for some last minute items, including black socks for me.

Saturday morning we got up, I showered and dressed, and Jenn took me out to the church for pics at 12. She headed back to the hotel to get dressed, get her hair done, and all that. Just after I arrived, all the groomsmen took Todd to the Auburn Motel for a drink, though we all just had coke. We got our pics taken and all that, and finally 2:00 rolled around for the ceremony. Ceremony went well. During vows, Todd was smiling ear to ear and nearly giggling, while Ashley was tearing up. Afterward we hung out as everyone left, then boarded the party bus. While enjoying various drinks, we went to the Waterfall Park, the Friendship Shell, and State Park for pictures. At the Waterfall Park, one of the groomsmen ran into the Tiki Lounge for more drinks, and we forgot he was gone, so he isn’t in any of those pictures. A second wedding party also arrived for their own pictures while we were there. Wenona Park we got everyone in the pictures, and got a Captain pose in too. State Park we never actually got out, not sure on the reason for that. We then stopped off at Northland Bar (I think that was name, maybe Northwoods?) on State Park Drive and we all ran in to the restrooms. We tried to get some drinks, but the girls had no ID, so they wouldn’t serve us.

Finally at the hall, we greeted everyone as they came in, then made our way in and to the head table. I was paired with Todd’s sister Holly (the only person in the wedding party I knew, other than the bride and groom) and we were first, and had no idea how to get across the hall. You would think that at a wedding reception, they would make a path for the wedding party to come across the room, and that the people would get out of the way when they saw the wedding party coming through. Nope. Anyway, we finally made it, and the rest of the party followed. Once at the table, it was time for toasts, with the mugs we had gotten the night before, mine being in Jenn’s back seat, who was not yet at the hall. We improvised and it was OK. Next was food. It is nice being able to eat first. Ashley’s Aunt catered, and did a very good job. Following eating the groomsmen cleared away the head table to make room for dancing, the cake was cut, and the fun began. As much as I hate dancing, I tried. I will only slow dance, because you basically stand there and slide your feet around. During the first dance, as Todd and Ashley were dancing before the rest of the wedding party started, we were watching Todd sing the sing into Ashley’s ear, and she was pouring tears.

So, the rest of the night was dancing and this and that. I actually missed the cake cutting, the garter, the bouquet, and I am sure more. Not sure how really. At some point Todd announced to all that it was my birthday. I had thought they were going to do around the cake cutting, but I guess was wrong. At the end of the night, Ashley gave me my birthday cake. I brought it back to hotel, and then to my Mom’s Sunday morning. I really didn’t want on my lap all the way back here, so ate some and left it there. It was very good, but was a big cake and no box. Other than that, my Brother and Dad showed up for reception, my Dad was at ceremony too. We went to Stretch’s after the reception since they kicked us out at 12. Sunday I visited mom and got my birthday present, then we headed home.

My Mom got me a dwarf orange tree, and I got a card from Dad and Grandma. I am 25, so don’t expect from many people anymore. Jenn got me nothing, but is OK, because I got her nothing, and she put out a lot of money on travel and gifts and such for my friends wedding (although I keep telling her Todd is her friend too).

So, we are home. I was too tired to update Sunday evening, and hosting company was relocating yesterday so servers were down. Right now, Todd and Ashley are in Hawaii somewhere.

I guess that is all. Another update in a few days.

I have a few pics, will try and get those up soon.


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