New iPods

About an hour ago, Apple updated their entire iPod line.

The new iPod shuffle is available in different colors, with no other changes.

The new nano is smaller, and again different colors. Capacity is up to 4 and 8GB from 2 and 4, and the screen is slightly larger and brighter.

The iPod is now renamed iPod classic, and also has a redesigned case, greater capacity (up to 160GB), and is now in an all metal case.

New to the line is the iPod touch, essentially a phone-less iPhone. It features wi-fi, calendar and address book, Safari web browser, multi-touch interface, and direct access to the iTunes store, without needing to download media to a computer first.

All in all, good updates for most. I am unimpressed with the look of the new cases though. I will wait until I can see them in person, but my current opinion is if I were in the market for a new iPod, I would purchase a now “previous model” (especially with the price drops often seen on previous models).

No real news otherwise. Mostly waiting for the weekend for Todd’s wedding.


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