We Were Visited

So, my Dad came to visit yesterday. We took him to Qdoba, gave him a tour of Big Rapids, and watched Hot Fuzz (which was damn good). Other than that, just showed him the apartment and bull shitted for a while. My mom was supposed to come, but didn’t feel up to it and said would come visit later. He borrowed me his power sander so I could finish up the headboard a little faster too.

Something Jenn and I noticed yesterday was that Big Rapids is getting busier. Meijer had more college student’s walking around, traffic is getting heavier, and the hotels are all packed.

I was looking online, and Ferris says I can buy my books any time from August 20th through 30th on my financial aid, but need my ID. So, we planned on going Monday to get them to have a better chance at used books, but I don’t get my ID until the 24th. So, I guess I need to wait a few days. Ferris also lists a new student orientation of the 24th, but I’m not sure if its mandatory or not. Honestly, I would rather not.

Todd’s bachelor party is scheduled for next Saturday, but that’s all I have heard. Since I am standing in wedding, I am sure I am expected to attend, but I have not yet heard a time, place, or anything. Even the date was only picked because it was the night of Ashley’s bachelorete party.

When we were at Qdoba, I found they now have pork now. Its not bad, and the bbq sauce is good too.

Why don’t females get a Bachelorette of Science or Arts?

That’s all.


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