Alpena Camping Trip

So, Friday afternoon we left for Alpena, which was about a three and a half hour trip. We stayed at Camper’s Cove, which is about 10 minutes from Jenn’s parent’s house. We made a trip to Wal-mart for some supplies and then had some hot dogs. Saturday we went for breakfast at Jenn’s parents, then came back to the campsite and rented a pontoon for 2 hours and took out Jenn’s mom, sister, and niece and nephew. The kids fished for a while with no success, and I tried swimming. After that, we went out for dinner, then to see Jenn’s grandma. After we got back to our campsite we sat around a bit, then Jenn’s parent’s joined us for some marshmallows. After they left, we made some hobo dinners, then after a bit more sitting we headed to bed.

Sunday, we packed up after the rain ended, then went to Jenn’s parents for lunch, then went with her mom, sister, and Johnny to the putt-putt course and for a go-cart ride, then to 7-11 and home (by the way, big gulp floats are pretty good). After that, we headed home. On the way, we stopped at Big Buck Brewery in Gaylord, which was good. We tried to go to Jay’s, but they were closed.

My Dad is coming tomorrow to visit, so we have been picking up and cleaning here and there in preparation.

OK, that’s it.


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