Book Review

So, I finished up my book last night (World War Z). To anyone considering reading it but on the fence, go get it. It wasn’t what I thought, not that that is bad. I had expected a history book like recount, with highlights and a story. Instead, it was a narrator interviewing some of the prime players in the Human – Zombie War. If you do undertake the book, be prepared to want to re-read it. The narrator re-interviews a few people and it can make you want to go back and check who a certain person is. I figure I will wait until about Christmas to try my reread, just so it is at least a little out of my head.

Something I wanted to mention last time: As I had mentioned, the iMac is now aluminum. This makes the MacBook the last polycarbonate Mac remaining. Now, as the low end portable this may last for a while, but I think it is just one step closer to my prediction now about 18 months old, that the MacBooks will eventually go to anodized aluminum enclosures, similar to that or the ipod nanos. Maybe not, maybe just regular aluminum, but there is a chance. Either way, by the mid-2008 update, it will be very hard to resist buying a new computer. Between new iLife just out, OS X 10.5 in October, Office 2008 in January, big upgrades due to the MacBook line, and my iBook turning 5 on December 5th, it will certainly be hard to resist.

OK, that’s all I have. As I said last time, we will be in Alpena for the weekend. Probably leaving in the next 18 hours or so at some point. Will update when we return, whenever that happens. Hopefully no dead fish to report on.


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